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Triple the fun

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Gary Parrish of had an interesting note earlier in the day on the schools that won both a bowl game and an NCAA men’s basketball tournament game this academic year.

Time to add to that a little bit. Only three schools managed to win a bowl, a men’s tournament game and a women’s tournament game.

The list:


* Bowl: International (vs. Buffalo)
* Men’s basketball (No. 1 seed): Chattanooga and Texas A&M
* Women’s basketball (No. 1 seed): Vermont and Florida

Louisiana State

* Bowl: Chick-Fil-A (vs. Georgia Tech)
* Men’s basketball (No. 8 seed): Butler
* Women’s basketball (No. 6 seed): Wisconsin-Green Bay


* Bowl: Humanitarian (vs. Nevada)
* Men’s basketball (No. 10 seed): California
* Women’s basketball (No. 1 seed): Dartmouth and Utah

Patrick Stevens

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