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Franklin: "I think both guys will be available"

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Today is the only day of Maryland football access this week, with tomorrow zapped in the name of the holiday (though not making people answer the same job-related questions is what you might call a happy benefit).

So everything was crammed into a single day, which meant all the quarterback questions came in a brief spurt.

So, offensive coordinator James Franklin, will Jamarr Robinson (leg) and Chris Turner (knee) play come Saturday?

“Jamarr, I think, will be fine by game time,” Franklin said. “And if he’s not, then I think chris will be able to play at game time. I think both of those guys will be available on Saturday based on the week. How quickly they get to where they need to be, I don’t know that. I do think they’ll be available come Saturday.”

If true, you can go ahead and move the Danny O’Brien doomsday clock back a few minutes and rest easier that Future O’Brien, Circa 2013, is a little closer to being secured.

Patrick Stevens

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