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The D1scourse 30

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A look at the Harris poll ballot that will be submitted tomorrow morning.

The big change? Texas hopping to the top.


Well, let’s take a peek at the remaining unbeatens and line up their five best victories (this becomes quite the chore in the case of Boise State, which is basically being propped up by Oregon’s success and will tumble the second the Ducks trip up).

TeamWin #1
Win #2
Win #3
Win #4
Win #5
Texas@Okla. State
Texas Tech
vs. Oklahoma@Missouri
Alabamavs. Va. Tech
South Carolina
@Ole Miss
Floridaat LSU
vs. Georgia
TennesseeArkansas@Miss. State
Iowaat Penn State
Michigan@Mich. State
Cincinnatiat USF
@Oregon State
@RutgersFresno St.
Boise State
Oregon@Fresno St.
@Tulsa@Bowling Green
Texas Christian
@Clemson@BYU@Air Force@VirginiaSMU


Texas has done much of its work on the road, and its profile has improved over the last three weeks.

Meanwhile, Virginia Tech’s loss to North Carolina damaged Alabama’s profile. And after the marquee victory, the Crimson Tide’s set of victories trumps Florida.

Iowa? There’s a lot of Big Ten mediocrity on that list. Cincinnati? Syracuse is in the Bearcats’ top five. Boise State? The less said the better.

Anyway, here’s the top 30 rundown …

Team                           W-L     Reg.     Pvs.      Notes
1. Texas                       8-0       8-0       4          * Oklahoma State (A), Texas Tech (H), Oklahoma (N), Missouri (A), Wyoming (A)
2. Alabama                  8-0       8-0       1          * Virginia Tech (N), South Carolina (H), Mississippi (A), Tennessee (H), Arkansas (H)
3. Florida                     8-0       8-0       2          * Louisiana State (A), Georgia (N), Tennessee (H), Arkansas (H), Mississippi State (A)
4. Iowa                                    9-0       9-0       3          * Penn State (A), Arizona (H), Wisconsin (A), Michigan (H), Michigan State (A)
5. Cincinnati                8-0       8-0       6          * Oregon State (A), South Florida (A),  Rutgers (A), Fresno State (H)
6. Boise State               8-0       8-0       5          * Oregon (H), Fresno State (A), Tulsa (A)
7. Oregon                     7-1       7-1       10        * Southern Cal (H), Cal (H), Utah (H); L: Boise State (A)
8. Georgia Tech                       8-1       8-1       8          * Virginia Tech (H), Clemson (H), North Carolina (H); L: Miami (A)
9. Texas Christian        8-0       8-0       9          * Clemson (A), Brigham Young (A), Air Force (A), Virginia (A)
10. Louisiana State      7-1       7-1       11        * Auburn (H), Georgia (H), Mississippi State (A); L: Florida (H)
11. Miami                    6-2       6-1-1    15        * Georgia Tech (H), Oklahoma (H), Florida State (A); OTL: Clemson (H); L: Va. Tech (A)
12. Southern Cal          6-2       6-2       7          * Ohio State (A), Cal (A), Oregon State (H), ND (A); L: Oregon (A), Washington (A)
13. Pittsburgh               7-1       7-1       17        * South Florida (H), Navy (H), Connecticut (H);  L: N.C. State (A)
14. Penn State              8-1       8-1       16        * Northwestern (A), Michigan (H), Minnesota (H); L: Iowa (H)
15. Houston                 7-1       7-1       12        * Oklahoma State (A), Texas Tech (H); L: UTEP (A)
16. Oklahoma State     6-2       6-2       13        * Georgia (H), Missouri (H), Texas A&M (A); L: Texas (H), Houston (H)
17. Arizona                  5-2       5-2       18        * Oregon State (A), C. Michigan (H), Stanford (H); L: Iowa (A), Washington (A)
18. Ohio State              7-2       7-2       19        * Wisconsin (H), Navy (H); L: Southern Cal (H); Purdue (A)
19. South Florida         6-2       6-2       NR       * West Virginia (H), Florida State (A); L: Cincinnati (H), Pittsburgh (A)
20. Virginia Tech         5-3       5-3       14        * Miami (H), Nebraska (H), BC (H); L: Alabama (N), Georgia Tech (A), UNC (H)
21. Clemson                5-3       4-3-1    NR       * Boston College (H); OTW: Miami (A); L: TCU (H), Georgia Tech (A), Maryland (A)
22. California              6-2       6-2       20        * Minnesota (A), UCLA (A); L: Oregon (A), Southern Cal (H)
23. Notre Dame                       6-2       5-2-1    23        * Boston College (H), Mich. St. (H); OTW: Washington (H); L: USC (H), Michigan (A)
24. Wisconsin              6-2       5-2-1    24        * Minnesota (A), Michigan St. (H); OTW: Fresno (H); L: Iowa (H), Ohio State (A)
25. Oregon State          5-3       5-3       25        * Stanford (H), Arizona State (A); L: Cincinnati (H), Southern Cal (A), Arizona (H)
26. Brigham Young     6-2       6-2       27        * Oklahoma (N); L: Texas Christian (H), Florida St. (H)
27. Utah                       7-1       6-1-1    28        * Wyoming (A), Louisville (H); OTW: Air Force (H); L: Oregon (A)
28. Auburn                  6-3       6-3       NR       * West Virginia (H), Ole Miss (H), Tennessee (A); L: LSU (A), Arkansas (A), Kentucky (H)
29. West Virginia         6-2       6-2       21        * Connecticut (H), East Carolina (H); L: South Florida (A), Auburn (A)
30. Boston College      6-3       5-3-1    x          * Central Mich. (H), FSU (H); OTW: Wake Forest (H); L: VT (A), Clemson (A), ND (A)

Patrick Stevens

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