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At-large board: Feb. 27

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As nice as a bracket might be, feedback over the last few years suggests a full rundown of the at-large field is a good thing, too.

First, the usual caveat: This only includes teams currently projected to be in the at-large field. Current conference leaders (like Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State, Syracuse and more) are considered automatic qualifiers at the moment. So please, no e-mails or comments about why Wichita State or Murray State or Memphis (or any other conference leader) isn’t on here.

Why is this useful? Well, it provides a ballpark snapshot at roughly where teams are situated relative to each other. It’s not 100 percent accurate – it’s a projection, not an iron-clad preview – but it wasn’t pieced together on a whim.

1. North Carolina
2. Ohio State
3. Missouri
4. Marquette
5. Baylor
6. Georgetown
7. Michigan
8. Indiana
9. Wisconsin
10. Florida

11. Louisville
12. Vanderbilt
13. San Diego State
14. Florida State
15. Creighton
16. Gonzaga
17. Notre Dame
18. New Mexico
19. Alabama
20. Virginia

21. Kansas State
22. Saint Louis
23. Iowa State
24. Purdue
25. Seton Hall
26. Connecticut
27. California
28. Brigham Young
29. Texas
30. Southern Mississippi

31. Xavier
32. Northwestern
33. Miami


34. West Virginia
35. Mississippi State
36. Dayton
37. South Florida


38. Arizona
39. Virginia Commonwealth
40. Cincinnati
41. Colorado State


42. Central Florida
43. Oregon
44. N.C. State
45. Illinois


46. Saint Joseph’s
47. Colorado
48. Marshall
49. Louisiana State
50. Arkansas
51. Minnesota
52. Wyoming
53. Mississippi

Patrick Stevens

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