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Edsall and the Parable of the Old Mule

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Well, who would have guessed Maryland coach Randy Edsall would tell a story about a mule during his weekly press conference?

Or that there was actually a parable about a mule in the first place?

Edsall managed to mention the tale without entirely channeling his inner Lyle Lanley when responding to a question about the mood around the team after losing quarterback Perry Hills to injury.

The response was spinning wheel free, but nonetheless worth the quick bit of transcribing.

“There’s no gloom around here,” Edsall said. “If you see our kids or watch them, they’re not down in the dumps or anything else. It’s like that old mule that fell into the old well that had no water in it. The farmer doesn’t know how to get him out of there, so he figures ‘Well, we’ll just cover the hole up and the mule’s old and everything else.’ What happens is they start throwing dirt down there and the mule winds up shaking it off and steps up and before you know it, there’s enough dirt and he’s at the top and comes out of there. That’s kind of how I look at it. We’re just trying to get win No. 5.”

Patrick Stevens

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