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At #Nats Park for the game vs. the #Marlins. Maybe I should race Teddy in a prelim to the Presidents Race. Might boost his confidence.

Adam LaRoche has hit 20+ homers in 7 of the last 8 seasons. The only #MLB players who are 8 for 8: Pujols, Ortiz, Teixeira, M.Cabrera. #Nats

Yes, Bryce Harper (10) is now tied with Ed Kranepool for 5th place on the Most HR By A 19-Year-Old list.  #Nats #Mets

Still ahead of Harper are Mickey Mantle (13, ‘51), Ken Griffey Jr. (16, ‘89), Mel Ott (19, ‘28) and Tony Conigliaro (24, ‘64). #Nats #MLB

Speaking of Bryce, to get to sleep the past few months, he’s probably counted left-handers instead of sheep. Seen a bunch. #Nats

Zimmerman just reached on a chopper that bounced over Ricky Nolasco’s head. Josh Johnson would have fielded it at knee level. #Nats #Marlins

Strasburg singles home two runs. Wonder who last pitcher was who received IBB with first base open (as it was for Stephen)? #Nats #Marlins

In the last 40 years, btw, no pitcher has had more than 17 RBI in a season (Rick Sutcliffe, #Dodgers, ‘79). Strasburg now has 7. #Nats #MLB

Harper breaks bat on plate after striking out in the 4th. Hey, at least he isn’t taking it out on his face now. Kid’s learning. #Nats

I’m beginning to think I’m at a huge disadvantage professionally because I don’t have a dog as my avatar or tweet about one regularly.

Dan Snyder: “We feel good about the future.” To which Kurt Vonnegut might add: “It’s the past that scares the bejesus out of me.” #Redskins

Oh, and don’t forget: @dandalyonsports isn’t available on Dish, either. #CableCraziness


Once this deal between T.O. and the #Seahawks is completed, how long do you figure it’ll be before he parks in Pete Carroll’s space? #NFL

T.O, btw, is tied for 2nd all time with 153 TD catches. But get this: Don Hutson last played in 1945, and he’s still 8th (99). #NFL #Packers

T.O. turns 39 in Dec. The year Jerry Rice turned 39 (2001), he had 83 catches for 1,139 yds + 9 TD + went to the Pro Bowl. #NFL #Seahawks

And Rice did all that, I’ll just point out, without once parking in Jon Gruden’s space. #NFL #Seahawks

No #MLB reliever has pitched 2+ innings more times this season than Stammen (21), who did it again tonight to pick up the W for the #Nats.

In those 21 appearances, Stammen is 3-1 with a 1.55 ERA and a 0.97 WHIP. Just having a huge season out of the pen. #Nats.


Yes, that’s former #Redskins LB Terry Crews who plays Will McAvoy’s bodyguard in “The Newsroom.” Crews played here in ‘95. #NFL

Crews has had a nice film career since leaving the #NFL. In fact, he’s got a chance to be the Carl Weathers of his generation. #Redskins

My only comment on the #Nats‘ acquisition of SS Cesar Izturis: It Iz what it Iz. #Brewers #MLB

#NFL Note: Shannon Eastin officiating a game this week comes 25 years (!) after Gayle Sierens became the only woman to do TV play-by-play.

Sierens, now a news co-anchor at WFLA in Tampa, called ‘87 season finale between #Chiefs and #Seahawks for NBC.  #NFL

Here’s the game Sierens called: . It featured a 92-yard KOR TD by Paul Palmer, who went to Churchill HS in Potomac. #NFL

Jered Weaver (15-1) stands to be the 13th modern pitcher to win 10+ games and finish above .500 in each of his 1st 7 seasons. #MLB #Angels

Some others who’ve done it: Tom Seaver, Carl Hubbell, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Addie Joss, Eddie Plank. Also: CC Sabathia. #MLB #Angels

Barry Sanders’ last 5 seasons: 106 rushing yds PG, 5.2-yd average, 186 receptions. Jim Brown’s last 5: 103.7, 5.2, 187. #NFL #Lions #Browns

Now that Rex has laid down the law, I’m guessing the next story about the Battlin’ #Jets will be about a food fight in the cafeteria. #NFL

30 years later, John Riggins still holds #NFL record for most rushing yds in a postseason (610, 4 games, ‘82). Who’s 10th w/ 342? #Redskins

Answer: Timmy Smith had 342 in 3 games in 1987, including a record 206 in the Super Bowl vs. the Broncos. #Redskins #NFL

Tyler Thigpen, Drew Brees, Brad Johnson, John Elway and Jim McMahon are the last 5 #NFL QBs to do … what? #Chiefs #Bolts #Vikes #Broncos

Answer: Throw a TD pass and catch a TD pass in the same game.  #NFL #Chiefs #Bolts #Vikes #Broncos #Bears

McMahon, btw, threw and caught a TD pass in this 1985 game vs. then. #Redskins. The pass was from Walter Payton.  #Bears

Janet Evans at 40: “I swim 4 hrs a day + I do a dry-land workout for an hour a day—it’s about 5 hours a day.”  #Olympics

Now available: An excerpt from my upcoming book on the #NFL‘s first 50 years, “The National Forgotten League”:  #Bears

Had a dream that Curiosity was met when it landed by Otis Sistrunk, who’s now the AD at the University of Mars. #NFL #Raiders


If there’s anything worse than big~leaguers fiddling and diddling outside the batter’s box it’s Little Leaguers imitating them. #MLB #LLWS

3 kids on Great Falls LL team named Bryce Harper as their favorite player. One went w/ Adam LaRoche, another w/ Ian Desmond. #Nats #ESPN2

Just realized: Bryce is only 6 yrs older than some of the Little Leaguers. I, meanwhile, am only 6 years older than 52-yr-old Scotch. #Nats

Here’s hoping Trent Richardson isn’t the new Ki-Jana Carter. #NFL #Browns #Bengals

How big a deal is it that 3 #Nats pitchers have hit a HR this year (Stras, Jordan, Gio)? Well, the 1905 Senators had 5 who homered. #MLB

FYI: #Nats pitching coach Steve McCatty never hit HR in #MLB career. But then, he never batted. Spent 9 yrs in AL before interleague play.

Davey Johnson played on a 1968 #Orioles team that had 4 pitchers hit homers: Dave McNally, Tom Phoebus, Bruce Howard + Gene Brabender. #Nats

Speaking of pitchers hitting HRs, only 3 guys who have pitched in the 2000s have hit 10 or more: CZambrano 24, Hampton 16 + Livo 10. #Nats

#Mets getting mercy-ruled by the #Marlins 11-0. Imagine how much worse they’d be losing if they weren’t “the best team in baseball.” #Nats

Angel Hernandez is giving Bryce the Cole Hamels treatment tonight. That’s home plate umpires for ya. A license to kill. #Nats #MLB

You run into umps like Hernandez all the time in youth baseball. They’re the clowns who are always talking about “my field.” #Nats #MLB


I don’t care who officiates the #Redskins preseason opener, as long as it isn’t Angel Hernandez. #Nats #NFL #MLB

No Kory Lichtensteiger, no Chris Chester, no Jammal Brown. Maybe the #Redskins should just dig a moat around #RG3#Bills #NFL

Just passed 9,000 tweets. When you hit 10,000 you get a prize — laryngitis or something. #Twitteritis

Almost missed the kickoff of the #Redskins game, btw. Went to War Memorial Stadium by mistake. #Bills #NFL #GoldenWheelsDubenion

Two series into his career, #RG3 has two pass attempts and one tackle attempt (that proved unnecessary). Gotta work on that ratio. #Redskins

You’ve heard of “The Scream” by Edvard Munch?  Well, that last TD was “The Screen” by #RG3#Redskins #Bills #NFL

#RG3 calls it a night after 14 snaps. Why push it? The kid looked comfortable, read the field well, showed nice touch. A solid A. #Redskins

One thing’s clear: #RG3 is light years ahead of where other #Redskins first-round QBs were at this stage. The proof:

With the Shanahans’ offense, as with all good systems, it’s about making the plays that are there to be made. #RG3 did that. #Redskins#NFL

I’m pretty sure I saw one of these replacement officials doing a game on “Friday Night Lights.” #Redskins #Bills #NFL

You can’t say the #Redskins aren’t giving Brandon Banks a chance to make the team as a WR. Been targeted 6 times so far. Zero catches. #NFL

Riddle me this: Is it more important to look good in the first preseason game or to not look bad? #Redskins #Bills #NFL

The biggest relief tonight is that, behind a patched-up O-line, #RG3didn’t get hit like Betty White in that Snickers commercial. #Redskins

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