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Stat of the Day: The #Nats are 73-45 this season in games Jim Riggleman doesn’t manage. #MLB

Will world-class trackman Jeff Demps, now with the #Patriots,  be more successful in the #NFL than Renaldo Nehemiah? Discuss. #Terps 

Nehemiah, you may recall, caught 43 passes in 3 years with #49ers (1982-84). But he didn’t play in college. Demps did. #Pats #Terps #NFL

Another #Olympian who played in #NFL: Ron Brown with #Rams.  Darrell Green beat him in Fastest Man Contest. #Redskins


#Paterno (in Posnanski’s book) after #Sandusky was charged: “I’m not omniscient!” No, he was just omnipotent. #PennState

Brandon Marshall has always enjoyed himself immensely vs. the #Redskins: 2 games (‘09, ‘11), 12 catches, 232 yards, 2 TD. #Bears

What we saw in the 1st half is that, even when rushed, #RG3 runs only as a last resort. Resets, keeps looking downfield. #Redskins #Bears

So many rookie QBs bail out when things start to break down. #RG3 tries to make the play work until it’s obvious it can’t. #Redskins #Bears

Trying to remember the other #Redskins returners (besides Banks) who basically made the team by running one back for a TD in preseason.

I saw James Thrash do it in ‘97. I’m pretty sure it was vs. the Titans at the Liberty Bowl. Didn’t B-Mitch do it, too? #Redskins

The thing about injuries is that they “make u do things u don’t want to do” at cutdown time (to steal a line from “Wall Street”). #Redskins

#Bears 27, #Redskins 10 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Where’s Gibran Hamdan when you really need him? #NFL


Saturday was the 3rd time in his career Edwin Jackson has struck out 10 or more and walked 1 or less in a game. He won the other two. #Nats

Rain delay here at #Nats Park. Wish I could tell you #Teddy runs better on a wet track, but … #MLB

The #Nats just postponed Kids Run the Bases Day because of the wet field. Of course, that’ll just turn it into Kids Trash the Stadium Day.

The only way this Melky Cabrera story could be better is if his attorney was “Better Call Saul” Goodman. #SFGiants #MLB

That HR by Harper gives him 2 extra-base hits in a game for the 3rd time in his career. First time with triple/homer combo. #Nats,  5-0.


Would have been a lot more interesting if Augusta National had hailed Condi and Darla as “the first female members … that we know of.”

Make that 23 times Stammen has pitched 2+ innings this season, most in #MLB by 6. Gorzelanny is third with 16. What a bullpen. #Nats

More evidence of a magical season: Have the #Nats ever gone 11 innings in a game without scoring and wound up winning? #Braves #MLB

Davey Johnson has now been 30 games over .500 with four different franchises (‘85-86, ‘88 #Mets, ‘95 #Reds, ‘97 #Orioles). #Nats #MLB


Wonder who leads the majors in broken-bat hits? I’m pretty sure I know who leads in broken-bat strikeouts. #Nats #MLB

A year ago the #Nats finished 21.5 games behind the #Phillies. Now they’re 19 games ahead of them. How common is a reversal like that? #MLB

The #Nats lead the NL in HR differential. They’ve hit 134, given up 95, leaving them +39. Next: #Cardinals 128/99/+29. Worst: #Astros -40.

Clippard seems destined to set a record for Most Saves By A Reliever Who Didn’t Become the Closer Until May 22. He’s got 28 now. #Nats #MLB

Strasburg has 15 wins thru 123 games. A year ago, Halladay had the same number at this point. And he wasn’t coming off TJ surgery. #Nats #MLB

Best strikeouts-to-hits-allowed ratios in NL (qualifying starters): 1. Strasburg 1.54 (183 K, 119 H); 2. Gio 1.34 (161 K, 120 H). #Nats #MLB

FYI: Strasburg has 21 wins in his first 42 #MLB starts. Justin Verlander had 22. So did Roger Clemens. #Nats #Tigers #RedSox


Hey, at least #AugustaNational didn’t extend membership to that tennis umpire who just got charged with killing her husband. #PGATour

I’m surprised Tommy John hasn’t copyrighted the term “Tommy John surgery” — and demanded a royalty each time it’s used. #Nats #MLB

Give Bartolo Colon credit. At least he owned up to his PED use. He didn’t say, “It wasn’t me. It was @FakeBartoloColon.” #Athletics #MLB

Kudos to Chipper for calling it a career the way he is (.311 BA before tonight). Too many great ones go out on a gurney. #Braves #Nats

Can’t decide if Desmond is wearing high socks for style purposes or because he’s worried about flooding (with all these rain delays). #Nats

Detwiler walks Medlen on four pitches. You’d think his name was Medellin, + Det was worried about the cartel coming after him. #Nats #Braves

Bryce strikes out with Werth on second after a leadoff double. At least his bat lived to tell about it. #Nats #Braves #MLB

Lombardozzi got pinch hits in all 3 games of the #Braves series. Most consecutive pinch hits: 8 by Philley in ‘58, Staub in ‘83. #Nats #MLB

FYI: Staub (Rusty, a.k.a. Le Grand Orange) finished his career with the #Mets. His manager his last 2 years (‘84-85)? Davey Johnson. #Nats


Clinton Portis officially “retiring” today. Last carried the ball in an #NFL game Nov. 21, 2010 — 21 months ago. He was 29. #Redskins

How Clinton’s career ended: “1-20-WAS 36 (1:29 left, 1st Q) C.Portis left guard to WAS 39 for 3 yards (S. Tulloch, J. Ford).” #Redskins #NFL

This “negativity” toward him that Portis talks about is more imagined than real. Was plenty praised in his prime. #Redskins #NFL

What he’s basically saying is: I wasn’t drafted until the 2nd round, + not everybody agreed with me that I was a Back for the Ages. #Redskins

Sorry, but self-pity has never played particularly well for me in a retirement ceremony. #Portis #Redskins #NFL

#Portis retires as the No. 27 rusher in #NFL history (9,923). Riggo retired at No. 4 (11,352), Larry Brown at No. 11 (5,875). #Redskins

Marshall Faulk had 4, LaDainian 3, Ray Rice has had 2, Arian Foster 1 and MoJo 0. What am I talking about? #NFL #Rams #Bolts #Ravens #Texans

Answer: Seasons in which they gained 2,000+ yards from scrimmage. #NFL #Rams #Bolts #Ravens #Texans

#Colts once traded Marshall Faulk for a 2 and a 5. Wonder if they could get MoJo for the same price? Faulk was 26. MoJo’s 27. #Jaguars #NFL

Ray Lewis has more INTs (31) than any LB in 30 yrs. The last LBs to have more: Stan White (34) + Jack Ham (32), who played thru ‘82. #Ravens


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