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Haven’t been able to watch table tennis in the #Olympics since Forrest Gump hung up his paddle.

Most rushing yds by 25th birthday: 5. Jim Brown 5055, 4. Payton 5316, 3. Sanders 5674, 2. Emmitt Smith 5699, 1. Portis 5930. #Redskins #NFL

You won’t find a harder-hitting guy in no-tackling drills than Brandon Meriweather. #Redskins

As he constantly reminds you in these workouts, #RG3 is perfectly content to be a pocket passer, despite his great mobility. #Redskins

Once tried to interview a Redskin after he’d been sitting in an ice tub after practice. He gave me the cold shoulder. #Redskins #NFL

The winner of tonight’s game between the Grays (#Nats) and the Bears (#Brewers) will play Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars. #MLB


NL ERA+ leaders, 2011-12 (minimum 275 IP): 1. Johnny Cueto 172, 2. Clayton Kershaw 144, 3. Jordan Zimmermann 141. #Nats #MLB

After the Atlanta Debacle, I tweeted: “The #Nats have to get better at playing 11-10 games.” It was the 2nd they’d lost this season. Well…

Still waiting for one of those “a Washington #MLB team hasn’t been 21 games over .500 since Moses parted the Red Sea” tweets. #Nats

Love to know what Morse told his #Nats teammates in the late innings today. Was probably something like: “We’re done when I say we’re done.”


Can’t imagine what the air conditioning bill is for the #Redskins‘ new practice bubble. Good thing it doesn’t count against the cap. #NFL

My gut feeling about #RG3 is that he’ll have the requisite “cardiovascular endurance” to run the two-minute drill. #Redskins

Whenever I think of Fred Davis representing himself in court, I picture Tim Matheson defending his fellow Deltas in “Animal House.” #Redskins

The latest video from the Olympic diving competition: #RodneyDangerfield #TripleLindy


@Rich_Campbell says #Redskins OL Jordan Black is eating 7,000 calories a day to add weight. The number sounds familiar.

Another member of the 7,000 Calories A Day Club: Manny Pacquiao.  #Redskins

And finally: “Basketball players on Team USA can consume 7,000 calories a day.”  #Redskins

One of the challenges of consuming 7,000 calories a day, of course, is that it requires you to stay awake for 24 hours. #Redskins

Famous Abbies: 1. Abby Wambach. 2. Abbey Bartlet. 3. Westminster Abbey. (OK, not necessarily in that order.) #Olympics

Just thought of one more famous Abby: Abby Normal from “Young Frankenstein.” #Olympics

Btw, during a news conference once, Joe Gibbs reenacted the Abby Normal scene in “Young Frankenstein.” Loves the film. #Redskins

I see Magic Johnson’s #Dodgers have acquired Shane Victorino after picking up Hanley Ramirez. Bob McAdoo is probably next. #Lakers #MLB

Now would be good time for the History Channel to contact the #Phillies. They’d be perfect for an episode of “American Pickers.” #MLB

#Nationals Park isn’t usually thought of as a homer haven, but 12 of the 16 HRs Strasburg has allowed in his career have come at home #MLB

Strasburg yanked after 4. Davey wisely decides: Why use up any more of his (limited) innings when we’re down 6-0? #Nats #Phillies

Read it and weep: Since the Hot Stuff Episode, Strasburg has a 3.96 ERA and has allowed 77 hits in 77 1/3 innings. #Nats #Phillies #MLB

Tommy John in his first full season after Tommy John surgery: 3.29 ERA in first half, 2.87 ERA in second half. #Nats #Phillies #Strasburg

Nuke (H-Rod) almost hit the Durham Bulls mascot there. #Nats #Phillies #MLB

In the ‘50s + ‘60s, Ryne Duren used to throw 1st warmup pitch off backstop just to get other team thinking. Maybe H-Rod should try it. #Nats

So THAT’S why Shanny drafted Kirk Cousins. He was casting the guy who’d play him in the rookie skit. Mystery solved. #Redskins #NFL

FYI: If anything makes me more nervous than typing the word “puck” in a tweet, it’s typing the word “skit.” #Redskins

Jered Weaver join a club this season that has only Verlander, Halladay, Mike Scott + Koufax as members. What are the qualifications? #Angels

Answer: Verlander (2011), Halladay (‘10), Scott (1986) + Koufax (‘65 + ‘63) threw a no-hitter + won the Cy Young in the same season. #Angels

Note: Halladay actually threw TWO no-hitters in 2010, a perfect game in the regular season and an “ordinary no-no” in the playoffs. #Angels


Top 5 Gabbys in sports history: Gabby Hartnett, Gabby Sabbatini, Gabby Boudreau, Gabby Union (D-Wade’s squeeze), Gabby Douglas. #Olympics

That last throw down to second by Jesus Flores was kind of … lacking. Next time, maybe he should hit the cutoff man. #Nats #Phillies


Btw, it’s impossible to run into the goal post in the #Redskins‘ new practice bubble. Uprights/crossbars hang down from roof. No goal posts.

Hard not to notice rookie TE Beau Reliford on practice field, even when he’s just playing dummy defense. Guy is huge (6-6, 269). #Redskins

The Cleveland #Browns, 68-141 (and irrelevant) since their 1999 restart, just sold for more than $1 billion. #NFL franchises = gold.

The US men’s hoops team should have dedicated its 156-73 win over Nigeria to Paul Westhead. #PaulBall #LoyolaMarymount #Olympics

Just learned on “Pawn Stars” that Jimi Hendrix was a lefty. In other words, he was the Sandy Koufax of electric guitarists. #Dodgers

If #RG3 did a commercial with an AO, you’d figure it would be Alex Ovechkin, not Apolo Ohno. #Redskins #Caps #Shorttrack

If this week is any indication, I would LOVE to see a playoff series between the #Angels and #Rangers#MLB

Cedeno had 5 RBI for #Mets tonight w/o scoring a run. No #Nats player ever did that — but LaRoche did it as a D-back.

Obscure fact: The modern #MLB record for most RBI (7) in a game w/o scoring a run is shared by Joe Girardi.  #Yankees

Besides being in the HOF, what do Andre Dawson, Willie Stargell, Lou Brock, Earl Averill, Gabby Hartnett + Goose Goslin have in common? #MLB

Answer: They all hit .299 one season. #MLB


A round of applause, please, for the concept of bagging the tiebreaker in the final set and playing it out. #Federer #delPotro 

#Federer, you may recall, won a 16-14 5th set vs. Andy Roddick in the ‘09 Wimbledon final. I don’t remember looking at my watch. #Olympics

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