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At Lincoln Financial Field for the biannual #Redskins#Eagles bloodletting. Will it be more physical on the field or in the stands today?

Michael Vick is inactive today. So the #Redskins won’t have to worry about any late-game, off-the-bench theatrics from No. 7. #Eagles #NFL

If Nick Foles doesn’t go the distance, the #Eagles‘ Plan B at QB will be Trent Edwards, who beat #Redskins as a rookie with #Bills in ‘07.

Philadelphia: City of Kings. In the ‘60s, it was QB King Hill. Today, it’s LT King Dunlap. Those are the last two Kings in the #NFL#Eagles

Most 100-yard rushing games in #Redskins#Eagles series (since ‘60): Riggo 4; Larry Brown, Montgomery, Watters, Garner, Portis 3 each. #NFL

Most 100-yard receiving games in #Redskins#Eagles series (since ‘60): Ben Hawkins 5; B. Mitchell, Clark, Pete Retzlaff, Carmichael 4 each.

Who’s the only receiver since ‘60 to have a 100-yard game on both sides of the #Redskins#Eagles rivalry? #NFL

Answer: James Thrash. 121 in 2000 vs. #Eagles and 107 in ‘02 vs. #Redskins#NFL

Looks like the #Redskins want to do this the hard way. Give up 76-yard TD drive to start, then begin first series at own 9. #Eagles #NFL

That’s two end-arounds for the #Redskins in 9 snaps. Trying to discourage the #Eagles from flying so much to the ball? #NFL

After consecutive gains of 16, 15, 12 and 12, #Redskins defense buckles down … and holds ‘em to 6. #Eagles at Washington 24.

These kneeldowns are just killing #RG3‘s per-carry average. #Redskins, 13-10 at the half. #Eagles #NFL

#RG3 has gone over 3,000 passing yards for the season. #Redskins QBs who never reached 3,000: Sammy Baugh, Billy Kilmer, Doug Williams. #NFL

Of course, Baugh’s longest season was 12 games, Kilmer played in the defense-heavy ‘70s and Williams never had more than 10 starts. #Redskins

#Redskins getting a lot of bang for the buck from Moss: 39 catches, 8 TD. 27-13, Washington #Eagles #NFL

The last #Redskins receiver with fewer than 40 catches and 8+ TDs in a season: Charlie Brown, 1982 (32/8). #Eagles #NFL

Cooley, who just made his 1st grab of the year, is the last #Redskins receiver to have a 100-yard game vs. the Eagles. 

The #Redskins gave the #Eagles a chance to be stupid and jump offside there. The #Eagles declined the offer. Delay of game. #NFL

Mike Shanahan is now 2-0 as #Redskins coach when there’s a 10-second runoff at the end of the game.(See #Cowboys opener, 2010.) 27-20 final.

FYI: This is the 5th Shanahan team that has won 6 in a row. His #Broncos also did it in ‘96 (9), ‘97 (6), ‘98 (13) + ‘00 (6). #Redskins #NFL

Only 2 kickers have been more perfect in a season than Forbath (17 for 17): Vanderjagt in ‘03 (37/37) + G. Anderson in ‘98 (35/35). #Redskins

FYI: Tony Zendejas (formerly with the #Redskins) finished 17 for 17 with the ‘91 #Rams#NFL

Tuesday (Yes, even on Christmas, the Tweeter never rests.)

My Christmas present to you, tweeps. SI’s Curry Kirkpatrick at the top of his game, lo those many years ago:  #WAC #CBB

And since I’m in a giving mood, I’ll always be grateful to SI’s Bruce Newman for this classic on #UCLA‘s Song Girls:

#Christmas 1964 was the day I saw Bob Hayes play football for the first time. Caught passes from Roger Staubach in the North-South game. #NFL

Hayes ran 39 yards for a TD. It took him about 2 seconds. His South team rallied from a 30-6 deficit to tie it, only to lose 37-30. #NFL

And while we’re reminiscing about #Christmas football, there’ll never be a better Christmas game than this one:  #NFL

I keep waiting for C.J. Spiller to get an endorsement deal with Bounty paper towels. #Bills #NFL

Only 4 modern-era #NFL LBs have had 5 INTs in a season at age of 35+. London Fletcher, who got No. 5 Sunday, is the oldest (37). #Redskins

The other 3 35-and-older LBs with 5 INTs in a season: Sam Mills ‘95 (36), Chuck Howley ‘71 (35) and the #Redskins‘ Jack Pardee ‘71 (35). #NFL


5 of the #NFL’s top 10 rushers were taken in the 3rd round or later (3-Charles, 6-Morris, undrafted-Foster, 3-Ridley, 3-Gore). #Redskins

Compare that to the top 10 in receiving yards, where you have 7 No. 1s, 1 No. 2, Brandon Marshall (4th) and Wes Welker (undrafted). #NFL

#RG3 has a chance to lead #NFL QBs in YPA (8.3, 1st) and INT % (1.3, 2nd by .002). Rare double. Last to do it: Jim Harbaugh ‘95. #Redskins

In fact, only 2 QBs have accomplished the feat since the merger. The other: Steve Young ‘92. #NFL #Redskins #49ers

Only 6 players in #NFL history have been voted to more Pro Bowls than Champ Bailey (12) (who used to play for the #Redskins, I think).

Here are the 6: Merlin Olsen (14), Bruce Matthews (14), Reggie White (13), Jerry Rice (13), Ray Lewis (13) and Tony Gonzalez (13). #Redskins

As the #Redskins are showing in these #ProBowl selections, to the winners go the spoils. Next year, even more of them will make it. #NFL

Lorenzo Alexander deserves to be in #ProBowl. He leads #NFL in Most Times Needing To Be Surgically Removed From A Kick Returner. #Redskins.

It’s so hard to make the #ProBowl as a special teamer, the way Alexander did. Many, many aspire to it, but only one is chosen. #Redskins

Maybe the way to revive the #ProBowl is to have the Preseason Pro Bowl Picks play the End-of-the-Season Picks. #NFL

A decade from now, Nov. 28, 2012 (W), Dec. 4, 2012 (W) and Dec. 11, 2012 (W) are going to be considered Great Days in #Wizards History. #NBA

Sure, #RG3 is 1st rookie QB voted to Pro Bowl since Marino. But … he’s same age Vick was when Michael was voted to 1st (22). #Redskins


The #Redskins‘ passer rating during their six-game winning streak is 122.1 (152-105-1,380-15-3) — with two rookie quarterbacks. #NFL

Also, the #Redskins‘ passer rating has topped 100 six games in a row, a franchise first. #NFL

Before this, the #Redskins came closest to doing it in 1991. Mark Rypien had a 100+ passer rating in five of six games (Weeks 11-16). #NFL


Highest team passer ratings in #Redskins history: 1. 1991 98.0; 2. ‘83 97.0; 3. ‘70 90.5, 4. ‘74 90.0. 2012: 103.6 with a game to go. #NFL

The #Redskins‘ team passer rating has improved from 73.3 last year to 103.6 this year — 30+ points. Huge jump. Wonder how rare. #NFL

Top rushing teams in modern #Redskins history: 1. 1951 179.3 YPG; 2. ‘55 166.7; 3. ‘58 164.8; 4. ‘83 164.1; 5. ‘59 163.7; 6. 2012 162.3.


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