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A friend says: “I fully expect the #ACC to add Strayer College as a member if this rumor is true about #GeorgiaTech going to the #BigTen.”

#NFL practice-squad eligibility has become a joke. Mario Addison, #Redskins‘ latest addition, is a 2-year veteran of 15 games with 3 teams.


Heartbreakingly, this isn’t the first time this has happened in the #Chiefs family. 32 years ago, it was Jim Tyrer.

Something we might not see again: #Alabama has a chance to win back-to-back national titles even though it lost a home game both years.


Tom Brady has now won 10 division titles, a record for a QB. Of course, Otto Graham went to 10 AAC/NFL title games in 10 years. #Pats #Browns

Waiting for the kickoff at FedEx Field and wondering: Who holds the #NFL record for most consecutive games declared inactive? #Redskins

This is the first time in #NFL history 3 rookie QBs have thrown 15+ TD passes: Russell Wilson (19), Andrew Luck (17), #RG3 (16). #Redskins

Lawrence Tynes is having the kind of season David Akers did last year for the #49ers. Only one miss inside 50 yards. #Giants, 3-0. #Redskins

#Redskins lore now has a Forward Fumble of its own. #RG3 runs 12 yards to NY 16, the ball pops out to Morgan, and he runs 13 yards for TD.

Morris is the 6th #NFL back drafted in the 6th round or later — or not at all — to rush for 1,000 yards as a rookie. #Redskins

3 of the 6 have been Mike Shanahan backs. The other two: Terrell Davis ‘95 and Mike Anderson ‘00, both with the #Broncos#Redskins #NFL

Good karma early for the #Redskins: a TD on a fumble by #RG3 and a missed FG by Tynes, who has been nigh perfect inside 50 yards. #Giants

Eli just made one of those David Tyree, please-catch-it-against-your-helmet throws. Gets interference call this time. #Redskins #Giants

With #Giants getting 2nd half KO, #Redskins could use something out of this next possession. Don’t want to be down 17-7 in 3rd quarter. #NFL

#Giants destroying #Redskins‘ nickel, dime and Susan B. Anthony defenses on third down (7 for 9). #NFL

Pierre Garcon: Yards After Catch R Us. 35-yard gain to #Giants 13. #Redskins #NFL

This game feels a lot like the #Falcons game for the #Redskins. Visiting team converting tons of 3rd downs and dominating TOP. #Giants #NFL

#Giants ran 37 scrimmage plays in the first half, not counting the 3 FG tries. #Redskins D could be sucking wind in late going. #NFL

I will say this for Eli: He doesn’t exactly look graceful running with the ball, but he looks better than Peyton. #Giants #Redskins #NFL

As #Giants are being reminded, playing against #RG3 for 60 mins. is TIRESOME. 8-yd TD to Garcon, off play fake, puts #Redskins up 17-16.

Believe it or not, tonight’s 17-16 victory was only the third 1-point win by the #Redskins since their 1991 Super Bowl season. #Giants

The others were against Dallas in ‘05 (14-13) and Arizona in ‘11 (22-21). They’re 3-9 in 1-point games from 1992 to 2012. #Redskins

The only other time the #Redskins have beaten the #Giants by a point was in this famous game in 1982. Remember? #NFL

The #Redskins, of course, went on to win their first Super Bowl that season, not that I’m drawing any comparisons. #NFL #Giants


FYI: Morris is on pace for 1,475 rushing yards. It would put him 8th all time among rookies, just ahead of Barry Sanders (1,470). #Redskins

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Garcon came up big in a big game. He’s scored a TD in 3 of 4 postseason games he’s played in. #Redskins

Fantasy headline: Rizzo adds Haren to pitching harem. #Nats #Angels #MLB

Meanwhile, Aldon Smith has 31.5 sacks in his first two seasons (with 4 games to go). That’s the most since sacks became a stat in 1982. #NFL

Most sacks, first two seasons: Aldon Smith 31.5, Reggie White 31, Derrick Thomas 30, Shawne Merriman 27, Von Miller 26.5. #NFL #49ers

Albert Haynesworth, Phillip Buchanon, Trent Williams, Fred Davis, Tanard Jackson and now Cedric Griffin. 6 suspended #Redskins in 3 years.

The #49ers and #Rams nearly did something Sunday that hadn’t been done in the #NFL since 1963. Any guesses?

Answer: They came within 26 seconds of playing 2 tie games vs. each other in same season. ‘63 #Steelers and #Eagles were last to do it. #NFL

BTW: In the first of those 2 #Steelers-#Eagles ties, Sonny Jurgensen was the Philly QB. Threw 3 TD passes in 21-21 deadlock. #Redskins

Here’s the box from that game and from 20-20 tie later in season. #Steelers #Eagles #Redskins #NFL

Speaking of ties, the ‘32 #Bears played a record 6 of them, 2 vs. Portsmouth Spartans. That necessitated the #NFL‘s first title game.


You know what would be funny? If the #NHL lockout ended, and then the Zamboni drivers went on strike.


Only 6 #NFL RBs have rushed for 1,000 yds in a season + averaged 6+ YPC. Peterson (1,446/6.2) + Spiller (907/6.6) trying to be 7th + 8th.

Other 6 1,000/6.0 RBs: Feathers ‘34, Perry ‘54, Brown ‘63, O.J. ‘73*, Sanders ‘97*, Charles ‘10. *2,000-yd back #NFL #49ers #Browns #Lions

Brown, BTW — Jim Brown — set a season rushing record in ‘63 with 1,863 yards (in 14 games). O.J. topped it with 2,003 in ‘73. #NFL #Browns


Grange, Ruffing, Auerbach, Kelly — 4 Reds in various HOFs. Why aren’t any sports figures nicknamed Red any more? Not colorful enough? #NFL

Is #Seahawks DT Red Bryant the only active Red in the 4 major sports? Who am I missing? (Cincinnati Reds excluded.) #NFL #MLB #NBA #NHL

It would be a lot easier to get excited about the #Broncos if the rest of their division weren’t 9-28. #NFL

Next-worst bottom 3 in a division (tie): NFC South and AFC South, 14-22. (Nobody in the former has a winning record.) #Broncos #NFL


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