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Let me just say that, by any name, Fausto Carmona had a lousy year last year. And this year isn’t starting out any better. #Indians #MLB

I just hope we don’t find out someday that “Manny Acta” was an alias — and that his real name was Cornelius McGillicuddy or something.#Nats

The #Rams will play in London the next three seasons. The Brits must think their quarterback is the Earl of Bradford. #NFL #Patriots


On your list of Crimes Against Humanity, be sure to leave room for Gillette Stadium traffic. An abomination. #Ravens #Pats

Just pulled into press box at Gillette Stadium for #Ravens#Patriotsclash. Warmer than for ‘07 AFC title game (which had wind chill of 9).

85 eighty-sixed. Ochocinco inactive for the AFC title game. #Patriots #Ravens #NFL

That was Steven Tyler on the national anthem here in Foxborough. No relation to Wendell. #Rams #Patriots #Ravens

Ray Rice just gained 83 fewer yards than he did on his first carry vs. the #Patriots in the ‘09 playoffs. #Ravens.

“Tom Brady doesn’t have a favorite receiver,” Ed Reed said last Sunday. We’re seeing that today. #Ravens #Patriots #NFL

Harbaugh showing an awful lot of faith in his defense by settling for 3 at the #Patriots 3. Must be expecting low-scoring game. #Ravens #NFL

This game has the feel of the ‘07 AFC title game, when #Chargers hung around and hung around vs. #Patriots. (14-12 entering 4th.) #Ravens

Joe Flacco is outplaying Tom Brady. (Clip and save.) 18 1/2 minutes to go. #Ravens 17, #Patriots 16 on 29-yard TD pass to Smith. #NFL

Just realized something: Eli Manning has never won an NFC title game in regulation. #Giants #49ers


Just like to point out that I correctly predicted final score of #Pats#Ravens game in Friday’s column. Had #Giants by 5 (27-22), not 3.

Tom Brady now 5-1 in conference title games (w/ help from Bledsoe on 1st one). Same as Elway. Touch better than Kelly (4-1). #Patriots #NFL

Vernon Davis had 292 receiving yds, 4 TDs in 2 playoff games for #49ers. Only 3 receivers have had that many yds/TDs in 1 postseason. #Terps

The company Davis keeps: Larry Fitzgerald ‘08, Jerry Rice ‘88 and ‘89, Fred Biletnikoff ‘68. All HOFers — or headed there. #49ers #Terps 

Was just reminded of this looking at the stats: Donte Stallworth caught 3 passes for 34 yds in last #Patriots#Giants Super Bowl. #Redskins

All things are possible. I know this because Devin Thomas is in the Super Bowl. #Redskins

The #Pats and #Giants are the teams of the 2000s in the #NFL. Pats: 5 Super Bowl berths. Giants: 3. (No other NFC club has more than one.)

3 of last 5 NFC title games have gone to OT. AFC title game hasn’t gone to OT since ‘86 (#Broncos#Browns). Only 1 in Super Bowl era. #NFL

You know what would be a great Super Bowl Week story? If Gisele dumped Tom Brady for The Most Interesting Man in the World. #Pats #NFL

Watching a rerun of “30 Rock” in which Jack Donaghy defines the Fabian Strategy as “retreating and retreating … #NFL

… until your opponent gets tired and makes a mistake.” In other words, the bend-but-don’t-break defense. #NFL

Good to know Shanahan is down at the Senior Bowl, looking for the next John Beck. #Redskins

Navy will join the Big East in 2015? Heck, by that time, Hawaii-Hilo will probably be a member. #Mids #RealignmentMadness

Re: Those 58 passes Eli Manning threw vs. #49ers Sunday. Peyton has never thrown more than 57 in an #NFL game (2010 vs. Texans). #Giants 

The #Giants snapped the #Broncos‘ 18-game winning streak in ‘98 and the #Pats‘ 18-gamer in ‘07. Now the Pats have a 10-gamer going. #NFL

I can just picture headline if #Ravens‘ Torrey Smith ever feels like he isn’t getting ball enough: Torrey Pines for More Action at Wideout.


Just getting to study stats of #Giants#49ers tilt closely. SF’s wideouts only had 3 receiving yards (in OT game!)? Gotta be a record. #NFL

My favorite Super Bowl subplot this year might be the Battle of the Hyphens: Jason Pierre-Paul vs. BenJarvus Green-Ellis. #Pats #Giants #NFL

When Tiger passes up Torrey Pines, a track he owns, to play in Dubai, you know he’s trying to refill the coffers after his divorce. #PGATour

Totally impossible trivia question (now that Rooney Mara has been nominated for Best Actress): The wife of one legendary #NFL owner 

… wrote a book that was made into a movie, and the movie produced the Oscar winner for Best Song. Any guesses? #NFL

Corinne Griffith, wife of #Redskins founder George Preston Marshall, wrote “Papa’s Delicate Condition,” about a tippling father … #NFL

… who buys his daughter a circus. Became a Jackie Gleason movie in 1963. The song was “Call Me Irresponsible.” #NFL

A few years later, Gleason did a film with young Tim Matheson (“How to Commit Marriage”). So there were only … #NFL

… two degrees of separation between George Preston Marshall and “Animal House.” #NFL

Some would say Flip Saunders has been fired. I say he’s been freed. It’s an important distinction. #Wizards #NBA

Re: Randy Wittman, #Wizards interim coach. Wish these knuckleheads could be coached by the guy he played under in college, Bob Knight. #NBA

Worst 3-year stretches by #Redskins in last 50 years: 1. ‘93-95 (13-35, .271), 2. ‘09-11 (15-33, .313), 3. ‘62-64 (14-26-2, .357). #NFL

In other words, it really is as bad as it feels. #Redskins #NFL

Wonder if Prince Fielder’s $214 million deal with the #Tigers will require “eye contact,” like Jenna’s on “30 Rock.” #MLB #Brewers

Fielder’s $214 million contract might sound like a lot, but when you consider the acreage … . #Tigers #Brewers #MLB

Coming to #Caps game, all I saw were 8, 19 + 52 jerseys — the 3 guys who are out vs. B’s. It was like Invasion of the Puckhead Snatchers.

One of the best things about the word “concussed” is that it rhymes with “disgust.” #Caps #Bruins #NHL

Headline: “#Tigers land Fielder.” I wasn’t aware he could get off the ground. #MLB #Nats

When 6-9 Zdeno Chara gets in a scuffle, as he did there with Jason Chimera, he looks like Primo Carnera on skates. #Caps #Bruins #NHL

Matt Hendricks: “I can’t hear you. I’ve got a puck in my ear.” #Caps #Bruins #NHL

Highly entertaining hockey game here at Verizon Center. #Caps 3, #Bruins 3 after 2. Reminds me of the days when teams used to score goals.

As Perreault showed, you need a really high stick to make Chara bleed. Matthieu practically had to stand on an orange crate. #Caps #Bruins

How often do you see a third-year #NHL forward increase his career goal total by 20% in one game? Perreault has tonight (15 to 18). #Caps

Tough few days for Ovie. His squeeze, Ms. Kirilenko, pulled out of Aussie Open with injury + Ovie pulled out of ASG with hurt feelings.#Caps


And even fewer meals. RT @pgammo Prince missed 13 games in last 6 years with Brewers

Totally agree with #Colts‘ thinking: With Manning or Luck as your QB, you want your coach to be strong on the other side of the ball. #NFL

That’s one of the reasons the #Rams, with Bradford already in place, hired Fisher as their HC. Gives team a chance to be balanced. #NFL

That’s certainly what I’d do if I were a GM: Decide what your team’s strength is, then hire a HC who can address your weakness. #NFL #Colts

You want history? The #Giants are the first Super Bowl team since the merger to have a losing conference record (5-7). #Pats #NFL

In fact, #Giants are the only SB team since the merger that hasn’t had a WINNING conference record. Everybody else 7-5 or better. #Pats #NFL

Only 4 teams in NFC had worse conference records than #Giants. The #Redskins (5-7) weren’t one of them. (Rams, Vikes, Bucs, Panthers) #NFL


Such a comfort to know that in addition to guarding the #Bruins goal, Tim Thomas is guarding our “rights, liberties and property.” #NHL

My advice to Thomas would have been: “Just leave your mask on when you go to the White House. No one will know you’re there.” #Bruins #NHL

I just hope that while the #Bruins were in the Rose Garden, Thomas wasn’t hanging out in a hot tub with Mark Chmura. #NHL


Sorry, but I can’t read the dateline “Abu Dhabi” (where #Tiger’s at) without thinking: Yabba Dabba Do! It’s a generational thing. #PGATour

Before every #Patriots Super Bowl, it seems, one of their stars winds up in a walking boot. In ‘07: Brady. This year: Gronkowski, #NFL #Pats

Before Peyton Manning gets too ticked off at Jim Irsay, he should remember how charmed his career has been compared to his dad’s.#Colts #NFL

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