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If you’ve got time before the games, check out NY Times’ excerpt from my book on #NFL’s early years:  #Bears #Packers

#Redskins#Rams Burning Questions: 1. Will any Redskin end up playing most of the game with a broken arm? #NFL

2. Has an Australian ever had a punt blocked two weeks in a row in the #NFL#Redskins #Rams #Rocca

3. Does Jeff Fisher maintain his mustache all by himself, or does he have a lawn service? #Redskins #Rams #NFL

4. Do the #Rams realize that by beating the #Redskins, they’ll also make the Redskins’ 2013 No. 1 pick (owned by St. Louis) higher? #NFL

5. Is there anything lamer than the attention paid to #RG3 Logo Issue? #Redskins #Rams #NFL

Which is more likely to happen today? 1. The #Rams regret not drafting #RG3. 2. The #Redskins regret cutting Kellen Clemens. #NFL

Somebody should treat the #Redskins for Amendola Poisoning. The guy’s been a pass-catching machine so far. #NFL

These can’t be replacement refs working the #Redskins game. They’ve gotta be replacement ref interns. #Rams #NFL

Amendola already with 9 catches. The #NFL record, by the way, is 21 by Brandon Marshall in this game: 

In case you’re wondering, the winner of this #Redskins#Rams game plays the winner of the XFL for the championship. #NFL

The #Rams are just a yard away from another Official’s Review. #Redskins

2 seconds left in the half in St. Louis. Time enough for one more pushing-and-shoving scene in the end zone. #Redskins #Rams #NFL

#RG3 is officially in his first shootout. Bradford’s 34-yard TD pass Gibson makes it 23-21, #Rams#Redskins #NFL

That’s 2 1-yard TD passes for Bradford, folks. It’s the world we live in, the world of the 1-yard TD pass. #Redskins #Rams #NFL

#RG3 just threw it 62 yards in the air, by my count. #Redskins #Rams


Rookie QB Watch: Let the record show that in Week 2, Luck, Tannehill + Wilson won, + #RG3 + Weeden played well enough to. Wow. #Redskins #NFL

Rookie passer ratings: Weeden 114.9, Wilson 112.7, Luck 107.5, Tannehill 91, #RG3 86.3. Double wow. #NFL #Redskins

A replacement ref is a big #Saints fan? That’s nothing. In the ‘30s, George Halas’ brother Walter officiated a #Bears game. #NFL

My newspaper is running excerpts of my book on the early #NFL. Here’s the 1st, about a very long pass:  #Redskins#Bears

Just realized this: The #Redskins‘ victory is over the only 0-2 team in the NFC. #Saints #NFL

Harbaugh says Alex Smith is “tough as a two-dollar steak.” To which I reply: Where is this greasy spoon he’s talking about? #49ers #NFL

If the #Redskins game told you nothing else, it told you that when Jeff Fisher moved over to the NFC, the conference got tougher. #Rams #NFL

Getting ready to leave the Show Me State (as in: Show Me the Way Out of Here). #Redskins


Latest excerpt from my book: The U.S. congressman in the ‘40s who was also an #NFL referee.  #Redskins #Bears #Duquesne

First the #Patriots roll the dice with Albert Haynesworth, now they bring in Winslow Jr. When does Rae Carruth get out? #NFL #Redskins

#NFLFilms is the NFL’s best self. The league has Steve Sabol (and his dad Ed) to thank for that. Nobody loved the game more. RIP, Steve.

Little-known Steve Sabol fact: He played football at Colorado College (enrollment: 2,011). So did Dutch Clark, the HOF tailback. #NFL

Steve Sabol’s crowning achievement? Tough one. I’d say either “Dream Season” playoffs or “America’s Game” series on SB champs. #NFL

Of course, some would say Sabol’s crowning achievement was hiring John Facenda to be the #NFL‘s Voice of God. Inspired.

Among the players, Steve Sabol should have been the most popular guy in modern #NFL history. He made everybody look good.

Sav Rocca’s protection problems remind me of the game in ‘84 when Jeff Hayes had 3 punts at least partially blocked vs. #Lions#Redskins

One way of looking at it: Replacement refs are the zebra version of activated practice squadders. Nothing more, nothing less. #NFL


Latest excerpt from my book on the early #NFL: What pro football was like in the ‘20s in the rugged PA coal region. 

You’ve gotta love a pitcher who’s 9-9 on the season and 104-103 for his career (e.g. Aaron Harang). #Nats #Dodgers #MLB

Speaking of which … raise your hand if you knew Steve McCatty was a .500 career pitcher (63-63). #Nats #Dodgers #MLB

That Harper triple gives him 49 extra-base hits (22 2B, 8 3B, 19 HR) — most in a season by a teenager. #Nats #Dodgers #MLB

Getting back to Career .500 Pitchers, there are only 20 since 1901 that have won 50+ games. 3 are active: Dempster, Liriano, Chen. #Nats

The Career .500 Pitcher who won the most games? Charlie Hough (216). Most famous? Maybe Howard Ehmke (166) who K’d 13 in G1 of ‘29 WS. #Nats

FYI: Bryce Harper has 8 triples at the age of 19. Paul Konerko has 8 triples in his 16-year #MLB career (7,671 AB). #Nats #WhiteSox


Today’s excerpt from my book on the #NFL’s early years: The story nobody ever told about #Browns HOFer Marion Motley. 

Never understood the “Sit Josh Morgan” chants. On this team, remember, Fred Davis is the franchise player and ‘11 offensive POY. #Redskins

Fred #Couples elected to World Golf HOF. And just think: It all started here — with his playoff win in the 1983 Kemper at Congressional.

The #Nats are in the playoffs. I’m tellin’ ya, I haven’t felt this good since 1933. #MLB


Mike Schur: “I think that before Fire Joe Morgan, the chances of Felix Hernandez winning Cy Young at 13-12 were nil.” 

The last of 5 excerpts from my book on the early #NFL: Breaking up the wedge in the brutal ‘50s.  #Lions #49ers #Giants

Last D.C. baseball team to make playoffs, ‘33 Senators, had a future AL president (Joe Cronin). Which of current #Nats will hold that job?

The ‘33 Senators also had a catcher, Moe Berg, who graduated from Princeton, could speak a bunch of languages and was a WW2 spy. #Nats

One of the ‘33 Senators’ coaches was Nick Altrock, a celebrated baseball clown. He actually got one AB that season at the age of 57. #Nats

In other words, the ‘33 Senators had a (briefly) active player who was three times older than Bryce Harper (57/19). #Nats

The ‘33 Senators, by the way, also had a 19-year-old player: 3B Cecil Travis. In his first game, he got 5 hits.  #Nats

HOFers on the ‘33 Senators (4): Manager-SS Joe Cronin and OFs Goose Goslin, Heinie Manush and Sam Rice (then 43). #Nats

OK, that concludes our trip to 1933 in the Way-Back Machine. #Nats


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