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Fishwrap Archive: August 2007

  • Goodbye, Karl

    Karl Rove just left the White House, and he was saluted by 100 to 200 White House staffers who st... Published August 31 2007

  • Waiting on an envoy

    President Bush yesterday said he still has not named an envoy to the Organization of the Islamic... Published August 31 2007

  • Snow resigning

    White House press secretary Tony Snow will announce today he is resigning, the White House has co... Published August 31 2007

  • Widespread speculation on Craig

    UPDATE 3 P.M.: "The rumors of his resignation are greatly exagerated," a top aide to Sen. Larry E... Published August 31 2007

  • Senator: Terrorism attempt 'futile'

    Sen. James M. Inhofe says terrorists' attempt to shoot down the C-130 military transport plane ca... Published August 31 2007

  • The hits keep coming

    Q: So what are your outlook and hopes for U.S.-Malaysia relations, and especially with Malaysi... Published August 31 2007

  • Grammar slammer

    Q: Mr. President, what do you think you have achieved with regards to U.S. ties with Asia duri... Published August 31 2007

  • 'Cringey' Craig audio

    Ace of Spades dubbed it "the most cringey audio of the year" -- the recording of Sen. Larry Craig... Published August 30 2007

  • Invoking Godwin's Law

    Gerry Spence is one of the nation's most flamboyant lawyers, and now has as a client one of his f... Published August 30 2007

  • Defensive driving

    Chrysler's media blog got revved up today about Democratic presidential hopeful John Edward's rec... Published August 30 2007

  • Bush will take time on naming AG

    President Bush will wait until at least Sept. 10, after he has returned from a week-long trip to... Published August 30 2007

  • MoveOn.org's conservative answer?

    A new conservative organizing group that is running $15 million in national TV ads, in support of... Published August 29 2007

  • Florida Dems not budging on primary date

    Florida Democrats today flouted the national party's threat of retaliation if the state goes ahea... Published August 28 2007

  • Attorney General <i>Hatch</i>? No way.

    Sen. Orrin Hatch, Utah Republican, had been mentioned for months as a possible replacement for At... Published August 27 2007

  • Bloggers go Gonzo

    Bloggers reacted swiftly to the news that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales had resigned.\ \ \ Wh... Published August 27 2007

  • Still not enough

    The resignation of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales today did little to silence his critics o... Published August 27 2007

  • Fla. Dems blame GOP for DNC action

    The Democratic National Committee votes to strip Florida of its convention delegates and who do F... Published August 26 2007

  • M-m-m-my indictment

    Doug Feiger is the musical genius who, with his group the Knack, created such '70s New Wave class... Published August 26 2007

  • DNC to Florida: Drop dead

    The Democratic National Committee on Saturday threatened to strip the Florida Democratic Party of... Published August 25 2007

  • Lieberman slams U.S. critics of Iraqi leader

    Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, today blasted Dem... Published August 23 2007