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Guns Archive: June 2012

  • MILLER: D.C. police damage soldier’s guns

    (Part 4 of 4) Army First Lt. Augustine Kim’s finally got the Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to return his guns after two years -- only to find them permanently damaged. The department violated its own regulations on handling firearms in evidence by engraving marks on the sides of the guns, and the city should reimburse the soldier for the loss. Published June 17 2012

  • VIDEO: Emily Miller on NRA News (June 2012)

    Senior Editor Emily Miller was interviewed by NRA News about Washington D.C. police attempt to cover up the warrantless search and seizure of Iraq vet's guns. Cam Edwards is the host of the radio show "Cam and Company." The video of the interview is below Published June 17 2012

  • MILLER: Cover up in D.C.'s arrest of Iraq vet

    (Part 4 of 4) Army 1st Sergeant Matthew Corrigan learned the hard way that the District of Columbia doesn’t believe it has to abide by the U.S. Constitution like the 50 states do. The city ignores the Fourth Amendment right of Americans to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. If police can’t be bothered to obtain a search warrant, officers have no problem busting open your front door and taking your property. Most of all, Washington officials do not abide by the full meaning and spirit of the Second Amendment. Published June 11 2012

  • MILLER: Iraq vet jailed two weeks for guns

    (Part 3 of 4) First Sergeant Matthew Corrigan fought insurgents in Iraq with weapons provided by the U.S. Army, but the nation’s capital saw fit to throw him in jail for two weeks simply because he failed to register three personal guns and some ammunition. Normally, being accused of a misdemeanor charge would not result in such an extensive punishment, but the District was so careless that it “lost” Sgt. Corrigan in the correctional system. All this happened because this military veteran was exercising a constitutional right that the District refuses to recognize. Published June 5 2012

  • VIDEO: Emily Miller featured on Reason TV

    Senior Editor Emily Miller was featured in the Reason TV story, "Girls, Guns, and The Problem with DC Firearm Laws." She was interviewed by Kennedy at Sharp Shooters range in Virginia. Published June 5 2012