Rookie game forthcoming

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We are a little more than three hours away from the Caps rookie game against the Flyers. The place is supposed to be juiced, and since I missed FanFest I am looking forward to seeing it. Here are the lines:





Taylor-Broda-Della Rovere







There was also a list in the veterans’ dressing room of guys who are to be here tomorrow afternoon (presumbly the guys who will start the main camp here). There weren’t really any earth-shattering names on it. All of the junior kids (Carlson, Holtby, Taylor, Broda, Della Rovere, Mestery) are being sent back to their junior teams and Anton Gustafsson will be on his way back to Sweden. All of the guys who are going to be pros this year will be here tomorrow.

As for the Flyers roster, Claude Giroux is on the one we have in the media room, but he might not be here. Giroux is expected to be one of the early favorites for the Calder trophy this season and will be counted to help replace R.J. Umberger, who left for Columbus this offseason.

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