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Rove slams Reid on the Romney attacks

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A former senior adviser to President George W. Bush on Saturday criticized the Obama campaign on the president’s lack of economic credentials and slammed Democrats who have questioned whether Republican challenger Mitt Romney pays taxes.

“The president is not making a good economic case,” Karl Rove told Fox and Friends. “What he’s trying to do is disqualify Mitt Romney by saying he’s a rich guy that doesn’t pay taxes.”

The latest Rove comments come as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid this week quoted anonymous sources saying Mr. Romney doesn’t pay taxes.

Republicans say that is not true and Mr. Reid should reveal his sources to prove he is not making the charges up.
Mr. Rove, who heads the pro-Romney super PAC American Crossroads, said that is unfair.

“You know I once heard that Harry Reid stole a car and ran it into a liquor store,” he joked. “It’s up to him now to disprove it.”

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