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Cain takes on Chevy, scores a Volt ad anyway

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How good of a businessman is Herman Cain?

Good enough to put up a 1-minute, 59-second editorial commentary on his new website criticizing President Obama’s bailout of the U.S. automobile industry — in particular the administration’s support of GM’s flagship “green” car, the Chevy Volt — and still sell ad space on that same page for the electric hybrid.

Check it out on this screen grab from Mr. Cain’s Under the video commentary titled “We Are Not Stupid: Chevy Volt,” there’s an ad, in the lower right from Jeff Barnes Chevrolet in Eldersburg, Md.

In the commentary, Mr. Cain calls the Volt “another loser from President Obama,” and accuses GM of ramping up production of the Volt solely to make the administration look good.

Scott Barnes said Saturday he had no explanation for the placement of the family dealership’s ads on the Cain page.

“It’s just one of those things,” he said, adding that he wasn’t too concerned about the negative comments about the Volt from the Georgia businessman and former Republican presidential contender.

“The people we are selling them to are very, very happy,” the younger Barnes said. “And we have sold a lot of them.”

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