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Plouffe skeptical of Romney's momentum in Florida, Virginia

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Senior Obama adviser David Plouffe said Sunday the Romney campaign is “playing defense” in the final days of the 2012 presidential campaign — a good sign for the White House.

“He’s spending his last day in Florida and Virginia on Monday — states they were telling you in the media a few weeks ago they thought were a done deal. They’re far from done deals,” Mr. Plouffe said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I’d rather be the president today than Gov. Romney in terms of those two states.”

“We think Gov. Romney is playing defense,” he said.

Mr. Plouffe, who also appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” dismissed the Romney campaign’s sudden interest in Pennsylvania, a state with 20 electoral votes where polls show the race is suddenly tightening ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Mr. Plouffe called Mitt Romney’s last-minute rally in Pennsylvania on Monday a “desperate ploy.”

“The truth is, they are throwing some ads up, and Governor Romney is traveling in the state he’s not going to win,” he said.



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