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Eastwood cuts ad for Romney

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Clint Eastwood left the chair behind in his latest attempt to make Mitt Romney’s Election Day.

Titled “At Stake,” the 30-second spot funded by the super PAC American Crossroads features an on-script Mr. Eastwood urging voters to support Mr. Romney and fire President Obama for failing to fix the economy.

“In the last few years, America’s been knocked down,” Mr. Eastwood’s trademark gritty voice says over images of an abandoned factory and unemployed workers.

“When someone doesn’t get the job done, you’ve gotta hold them accountable,” he continues. “We need someone who can turn it around fast, and that man is Mitt Romney.”

In late August, Mr. Eastwood made his first pitch for Mr. Romney during the Republican National Convention with an unscripted comedy routine in which he talked to an empty chair as if it were Mr. Obama. Republicans at the convention hooted and hollered in support, but Democrats ridiculed the performance as odd and rambling and said it upstaged the GOP ticket.

The New York Times reported that the ad will begin running Wednesday in seven swing states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia.

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