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Bob Kerrey gets Hollywood help with Steve Martin's endorsement

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Legendary actor and comedian Steve Martin on Friday endorsed Democrat Bob Kerrey in his uphill Nebraska Senate battle.

In an offbeat video, Mr. Martin boasts of being a “home crafts” expert as he describes how to effectively ball up a piece of office paper. As he offers detailed instructions, sheets of paper creep into the shot, with short messages explaining why Nebraskans should back Mr. Kerrey, who formerly served as the state’s governor and also spent two terms in the Senate.

“My friend Bob Kerrey is running for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska. He is a principled man whom I have known and respected for many years,” the messages read. “Whether you are a Democrat of Republican, he deserves your vote because he cares about the people of Nebraska.”

Mr. Kerrey trails by double digits in the polls to Republican Deb Fischer, a little-known state legislator who won her party’s primary with significant tea party backing.

Mr. Kerrey’s connection to the celebrity world dates back many years. During his time as governor, he dated actress Debra Winger while she filmed “Terms of Endearment” in Nebraska. He’s now married to Sarah Paley, a former “Saturday Night Live” writer.

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