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Conservatives employ bingo, booze to survive Democratic oratory

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Conservatives aren’t exactly welcome (and probably couldn’t find a room if they were) at the Democratic National Convention here, but that hasn’t stopped them from finding ways to enjoy themselves as they prepare for President Obama’s acceptance speech Thursday night at Bank of America Stadium.

The influential political website has prepared a “DNC Buzzword Bingo” card, with the “O” employing the red, white and blue circular logo of the Obama campaign. Players can fill in their cards every time a Democratic speaker mentions specific names and terms, including Bush, Akin, middle class, fair share, bin Laden, choice, 1 percent, Bain and inherited.

The free center square is a star labeled “Me.”

And the website has compiled its own Democratic Convention Drinking Game, with contestants urged to imbibe after every mention of Medicare, billionaires, Bush, voucher, the middle class, the Mayan Apocalypse and “magic underwear.”

“We leave it to your judgment to determine what constitutes a ‘drink,”’ the site’s authors say. “You might want to pace yourself if you are following C-SPAN’s gavel-to-gavel coverage.”

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