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North Korea is an Asian problem, not much threat to U.S.: Sen. Cardin

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Sen. Ben Cardin said Wednesday that North Korea has “limited capacity” to deliver a direct threat to the United States.

However, the Maryland Democrat said that doesn’t mean they can’t do serious harm along its borders.

“They are not a threat against our homeland, but they are a threat in the region,” Mr. Cardin, chairman of a Senate subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs, said on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

His comments come one day after North Korea intensified its threats of an imminent attack against the South Tuesday, while President Obama said the United States does not believe the communist regime has the ability to launch a nuclear weapon.

Ministers in Pyongyang demanded that South Korea apologize for its anti-North protests on Monday or face devastating attacks. Military officials promised to rain “sledgehammer blows” for the South’s protests, which came during the North’s celebration of the 101st birthday of its founder.

“You must treat threats seriously, and I think the president’s doing that,” Mr. Cardin said.

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