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Heritage Action For America calls on lawmakers to shoot down gun legislation

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The sister organization of the conservative Heritage Foundation is urging lawmakers to shoot down the package of stricter gun control laws that the Senate is expected to take up when they return to Washington from its two-week recess.

Heritage Action for America said Tuesday that the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013 that Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid introduced last month and that the upper chamber could take up as early as next week would “undermine American’s constitutional rights and do little to prevent horrific crimes such as the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.”

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The proposal would, among other things, expand background checks and increase penalties for “straw purchases,” where someone purchases a gun for someone who cannot legally.

Heritage Action for America said proposed universal background check is in essence a “gun tax” and that the vote on the proposal would be part of their congressional scorecard.

“In totality, the bill will not only fail to achieve the desired results, but by infringing on American’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms, it also fails to protect citizens’ right to self-defense,” the group said on its website. “Passage of “feel good” legislation will not make our communities or children safe because it will ignore the root cause of these complex problems. Real, enduring solutions lie at the state and local levels, and within families and communities.”

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