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Rep. Maloney: Gun legislation 'will pass eventually'

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A New York congresswoman who recently received several death threats over gun control legislation said Monday the debate on the issue is not over and that a bill “will pass eventually” despite a recent setback in the Senate.

“It’s never done. You keep trying,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney, New York Democrat, said on MSNBC. “They told me for 10 years we couldn’t pass the 9/11 health and compensation bill. We kept it on the front-burner, we kept talking about it, we kept trying to push it. [Gun control] will pass eventually because it is the right thing to do and it will protect American lives.”

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Ms. Maloney told the New York Daily News several weeks ago she received several death threats her bill requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance.

Despite Ms. Maloney’s declaration, though, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin III of West Virginia do not appear to be entirely on the same page. The two senators co-sponsored the failed Senate measure that would have expanded gun-purchase background checks to sales conducted online and at gun shows. Right now, only federally licensed dealers are required to conduct the checks.

“My own view is very simple: the Senate has had its vote,” Mr. Toomey said on a Friday conference call with reporters, according to “We’ve seen the outcome of that vote. I am not aware of any reason to believe that if we had the vote again that we’d have a different outcome.”

But Mr. Manchin said on “Fox News Sunday” that his Republican colleague was on board to give it another shot.

“I was with Pat last night and Pat’s totally committed to this bill and I believe that with all of my heart,” Mr. Manchin said. “We’re going to work this bill.”

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