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Rep. Michael Grimm on Superstorm Sandy: 'Staten Island's going to get through this'

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On the six-month anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, which devastated much of the East Coast, particularly New York and New Jersey, Rep. Michael G. Grimm said a lot has been done, but there’s a lot of work still left.

“Staten Island’s going to get through this,” Mr. Grimm, New York Republican, said Monday on CNN. “We’re a resilient, tough town.”

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Superstorm Sandy

Mr. Grimm appeared with survivor Patricia Dresch, who lost her husband, George, and 13-year-old daughter, Angela, in the storm. Mrs. Dresch recalled how her husband didn’t want to leave their Staten Island home because they had been robbed during Hurricane Irene, but water from the storm eventually forced them out.

“As we went out, she was on my arm, he was behind us, and a piece of the roof came and hit us in the head, and we both went under,” Mrs. Dresch said. “And I knew I lost her immediately — she was gone. And as I went under, I says, ‘I’m not going to die — they’re not going to find my body under this rubble.’”

The federal government has approved $60 billion toward recovery efforts. New York state was just approved for $1.7 billion in relief, and the city is expected to be approved for $1.8 billion, Mr. Grimm said.

“She’s a strong woman,” he said of Mrs. Dresch. “She’s been through so much. And I remember from seeing her in the hospital that morning.”

Mrs. Dresch said she intends to stay on Staten Island.

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