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White House says fewer than 500K poised to lose coverage in new year: report

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A new report says the number of people who may not have insurance in the new year because of Obamacare’s requirements is fewer than 500,000, a number that may decrease in the coming days.

USA Today cited senior Obama administration officials in reporting Friday that many of the people who received cancellations notices from their insurers have been automatically enrolled in new plans, renewed their barebones plans based on President Obama’s request last month or accepted an alternative plan.

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Mr. Obama is trying to stem Republican claims that more Americans will lose coverage than gain it under his health care law. An estimated 5 million to 6 million received policy cancellation notices in recent months, undermining the administration’s promise that Americans could keep health plans they liked, but the White House says enrollment on Obamacare exchanges is surging this month after fixes to the federal online portal,

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