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Sen. Amy Klobuchar fights for release of American jailed in UAE

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Democrat, is continuing to fight for the release of an American jailed in the United Arab Emirates after posting a parody video online that the country said threatened national security.

American and Minnesota-resident Shezanne Cassim has been in jail since April for posting a parody video online while in the Abu Dhabi. The contractor was sentenced earlier this week to one-year in prison, but it’s unclear if he’ll get any credit for the eight months he was locked up prior to sentencing.

“At least now we’ve reached a decision point so we can push in another direction to try to get him home,” Ms. Klobuchar said Friday on CNN.

The United Arab Emirates holds itself up as a modern society that is accepting of westerners, but this case shows that the country needs to take another look at its laws, Ms. Klobuchar said.

“If we have to start talking about it, at least we have an example of how they have to change their laws and change what they do,” she said.

“I figure if Mick Jagger can play Abu Dhabi, this guy shouldn’t be in jail for putting a video up. This is kind of the irony of this situation,” she added.


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