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Ad strategy left Romney super PAC with unspendable money

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The limits of a money-driven presidential campaign became a little clearer Thursday when Restore Our Future, the super PAC run by former aides to Mitt Romney, disclosed that it still had $1.2 million in the bank as of Jan. 1.

After a highly effective run in the primary season, the super PAC, which focused entirely on television advertising, bumped up against crowded airwaves. It also didn’t get the discount rates afforded to candidates themselves.

Without the teams of canvassers and other on-the-ground tactics that Democrats and some Republican groups, such as Americans for Prosperity, the super PAC could do little but watch in the final days of the race, as President Obama won a clear victory.

And in the end, a group with one mission — to elect Mr. Romney Nov. 6 — found itself with significant amounts of money sitting unused as the date passed.

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