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Poll: Bush still gets more blame for economic woes

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More Americans are likely to blame former President George W. Bush alone for the country’s lingering economic struggles than single out President Obama as the one responsible, according to a new poll.

Gallup Politics said about a third of Americans, or 35 percent, think Mr. Bush deserves the brunt of criticism, while only 19 percent primarily blame Mr. Obama.

However, another 34 percent blame both presidents, and 11 percent say neither deserves to take the heat for a lagging economy.

Although Mr. Bush has been out of office since the start of 2009, Gallup noted the financial collapse on Wall Street hit at the end of his second term.

Americans directed an even higher rate of blame toward Mr. Bush at the start of Mr. Obama’s term, but current attitudes have remained steady since mid-2010, according to Gallup. The poll can be found at

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