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Schumer: Napolitano did 'A+ work'

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While those on both sides of the immigration issue have panned Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s time in office, Sen. Charles E. Schumer gives her the very highest marks.

“Janet Napolitano has done an outstanding job, and if I had to give her a grade on her tenure, it would be “A+”. We need someone just as good who can fill her shoes,” the New York Democrat said.

Mr. Schumer is chief author of the Senate’s immigration bill, which would give the new homeland security secretary extraordinary powers to waive parts of the law and admit illegal immigrants for legal status, and would give the department discretion in deciding how to go about building up border infrastructure.

He suggested President Obama name New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly to fill Ms. Napolitano’s job, saying that as former head of U.S. Customs he is familiar with some of the department’s roles. Mr. Schumer said that, as NYPD commander, Mr. Kelly has already faced many of the threats the nation is dealing with.

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