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Stephen Colbert pokes fun at 'Burn your Obamacare card' campaign

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Television satirist Stephen Colbert on Monday said conservative group FreedomWorks isn’t letting “a little thing like not existing get in the way” when it comes to its new campaign urging Americans to burn their “Obamacare cards.”

FreedomWorks has said it will make it possible for Americans to make their own Obamacare cards, since actual cards will not exist or be needed.

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Instead, qualified consumers will log onto state-based insurance markets to seek private coverage through the help of government subsidies or become eligible for an expanded version of the Medicaid program in select states.

That incongruity teed things up for Mr. Colbert.

“Burn it, tear it, mark it,” he said on his program. “But first, print it, cut it and laminate it.”

Mr. Colbert said the group might order up a bus, sit at the back and “then refuse to sit at the back of their own bus.”

He also had some safety tips for tea party supporters who take up the novel protest.

“Be careful,” he said, “because if you burn yourself, you don’t have health insurance.”

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