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With new delays, Paul Ryan wants to know how much Obamacare will cost

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House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is reportedly seeking a new estimate of how much President Obama’s health care law will cost, now that a key funding mechanism has been delayed.

Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, asked the Congressional Budget Office to recalculate the Affordable Care Act’s fiscal impact because the employer mandate will be delayed by one year, to 2015, The Hill reported.

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The health overhaul consists of delicately balanced funding mechanisms — like the employer mandate — that offset the cost of expanding Medicaid eligibly in select states and paying for government subsidies to Americans who will buy insurance through state-based health exchanges.

The CBO estimated in May that the government would reap $140 billion in penalties from employers over the next decade, but the White House’s decision to delay the provision will chop off at least one year of revenue.

A Ryan spokeswoman told The Hill that his office also wants to know how the decision to let state-run exchanges use the honor system for one year, instead of verifying income levels, could affect “Obamacare’s overall budget score.”

The law was projected to reduce the deficit over time, but Republican lawmakers say delays have proven their doubts about the reforms.

Mr. Obama’s spokesman said Monday the administration is trying to be flexible and make sure the law is implemented correctly, and not just quickly.

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