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Robert Redford challenges Obama to act on climate change

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Actor Robert Redford once played a reporter who took on the White House in the 1970s — now, he’s challenging President Obama to thwart climate change.

An ad campaign launched by the National Resources Defense Council on Tuesday features the “All the President’s Men” star speaking about rising temperatures over clips of polar bears, billowing smokestacks and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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“Climate change is happening, fast,” Mr. Redford says. “We’ve got to stop making the problem worse, and that means reducing carbon pollution from its biggest source, coal-fired power plants.”

Specifically, the ad calls on Mr. Obama to back up rhetoric from his second inauguration speech in January, when he singled out climate change as a key threat to future generations.

Mr. Redford asks the president to curb carbon pollution through the Environment Protection Agency and to create jobs in the clean-energy sector.

“I just hope the president has the courage of his convictions,” the actor says.

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