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Harry Reid to GOP: 'As Bryce Harper would say, that's a clown question, bro'

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was channeling his inner childhood baseball player on Thursday, twice mentioning Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper as part of analogies for politics.

In one instance, trying to dismiss a Republican argument over the number of judges on a federal appeals court, Reid resorted to quoting Harper’s most famous line to date.

“As Bryce Harper would say, ‘That’s a clown question bro,’” Mr. Reid said.

Earlier in the day Mr. Reid took to the Senate floor to denounce GOP objections to some of President Obama’s nominees, saying that blocking those appointments would be equivalent to telling Nationals manager Davey Johnson he can’t have Harper, third baseman Ryan Zimmerman or first baseman Adam LaRoche on the field.

“The president of the United States does not have the team that he wants, the team that he deserves,” Mr. Reid concluded.

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