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Americans see their own health care more favorably than national situation: poll

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A new poll says Americans are more unlikely to feel upbeat about their personal health coverage than the health care situation, nationally.

Gallup found that 69 percent of respondents view their health coverage as excellent or good, yet only 32 percent rate general coverage around the nation as highly.

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“This suggests that Americans may be responding negatively to the new healthcare law at least partly because the majority don’t perceive personal problems with their healthcare that urgently need addressing,” Gallup said.

Positive feelings about the national health care situation spiked upwards when the Affordable Care Act passed and crested at 41 percent after President Obama’s re-election in 2012, before receding back to 32 percent.

Meanwhile, reflections on personal health coverage have remained “remarkably steady,” fluctuating between 63 percent and 72 percent since 2002.

“If Americans believe that the new healthcare law will improve healthcare coverage, most will likely feel this benefit is needed more for others than for themselves, given the relatively high existing personal satisfaction with healthcare coverage,” Gallup said.

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