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Britain's foreign minister faces grilling from Parliament over Iran deal

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Much like his American counterpart, British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Monday had to respond to a mix of hope and deep skepticism over a new deal to freeze Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon.

Mr. Hague, in a session aired on C-SPAN, ensured Parliament that the agreement is “reversible” and possibly a “one-off,” if Iran does not comply with the parameters of the six-month deal.

“Only Iran can determine whether they implement it in good faith,” Mr. Hague told members upon his return from Geneva, Switzerland, where he struck the deal alongside Secretary of State John Kerry and ministers from four other major nations.

But members of Parliament had a difficult time trusting Iran, citing in part its poor record on human rights.

Mr. Hague agreed that Iran should do more to improve its record in that regard, noting “the positive impression” it give to the world.

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