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Rep. James Lankford: Negotiations show promise, but Obamacare is hurting people

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Rep. James Lankford of Oklahoma said Friday that Washington is “headed in the right direction” as it attempts to hammer out a deal to fund the federal government and extend the nation’s borrowing authority.

“Yesterday, for the first time we sat down and talked,” Mr. Lankford, a Republican, told CNN’s “New Day.”

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Health Care Reform

He said Republicans are still interested in reforming President Obama’s health care law, such as making sure members of Congress have the same experience as everyday Americans on the state-based insurance exchanges and a delay to penalties associated with the law’s individual mandate requiring most Americans to have some form of health coverage.

Democrats and Mr. Obama have criticized the GOP for tying the president’s signature law to a spending deal or an agreement to raise the debt limit.

Mr. Lankford couched it as a matter of fairness because people are “being hurt by Obamacare,” and the House has passed numerous bills to scale back the law.

“The Senate would never take them up; the president would never talk about them,” Mr. Lankford told CNN.

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