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Obama aide Jay Carney promises more 'server capacity,' 'optimized' Obamacare website

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A day after declaring, “I’m not a computer expert,” White House press secretary Jay Carney went into full tech-geek mode when describing how the Obama administration is addressing the problem-plagued website.

Mr. Carney on Wednesday described how experts are focused on “increasing server capacity,” writing “new code,” “increasing bandwidth” and “substituting hardware” to make the site more “optimized.”

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Computer jargon aside, he also reiterated that the White House will continue its relentless focus to repair the site.

“Our approach is to look head-on at the problems and try to fix them every day, knowing this is going to be a constant effort and that each day we’re going to make some progress and each day there will be an improvement to the user experience on,” Mr. Carney told reporters. “There were tests done, and there are going to be more tests done.”

His comments came as more lawmakers call for the White House to delay Obamacare’s individual mandate requirement, since many uninsured Americans may be unable to seek coverage because of the flawed website

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire Democrat, and others from both sides of the aisle have urged the administration to consider such a delay.

Once again, Mr. Carney wouldn’t rule that out when pressed on the question.

“We are still in the early stages of the open enrollment period,” he said.

Mr. Carney also confirmed that administration officials are meeting with leading health care CEOs on Wednesday, including the heads of Aetna, Humana and other top companies.

The meeting will focus on the open enrollment period and efforts to repair, he said.

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