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Obama to Democratic donors: I need Pelosi as House speaker

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Speaking of the Sandy Hook school shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing, Mr. Obama said he expected Republican lawmakers to cooperate with him more often this year.

“We would have hoped that coming out of those two tragedies that we would see a new spirit in Congress of people pulling together and rolling up sleeves and working on the things a broad spectrum of Americans agree on, but that’s not what we got,” Mr. Obama said. “Instead we got more obstruction and more resistance to getting anything done, most recently culminating in a shutdown that was entirely unnecessary.”

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He said Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, is “somebody who constantly surprises me by how good, how tough, how visionary and committed she is.”

“The interests of the American people will be better served if I’ve got Nancy Pelosi standing by my side and we get the agenda done,” the president said.

The fundraiser was held at the home of former U.S. ambassador to Spain Alan Solomonts and his wife, Susan, in Weston, Mass. Tickets topped out at $64,800 per couple.

Referring to the government shutdown, he said the public’s regard for Washington is “lower now” than ever, and he feels “enormous frustration sometimes” at his inability to get his agenda accomplished.

“We know what the punch list is, the things that need to get done,” he said, listing items such as higher spending on infrastructure, early childhood education and “smart energy policy.”

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