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Sen. John McCain: Sen. Ted Cruz's Obamacare plan is 'impossible'

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Sen. John McCain said Friday that he has never seen the Republican party so divided, and that Sen. Ted Cruz’s plan to defund Obamacare is “impossible” as long as Democrats control the White House and the Senate.

Mr. McCain, Arizona Republican, said on CBS “This Morning” that 8 out of 10 American voters do not want the government to shutdown and said the party would be better if Republicans stopped the infighting and forced vulnerable red-state Democrats to vote on whether to defund the Affordable Care Act.

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“This exercise will not achieve the goal that we seek,” Mr. McCain said, alluding to the Cruz-led push. “I do question whether the outcome is going to be what he is promising people, which is impossible as long as Democrats control two out of the three bodies of government.”

Mr. Cruz led a 21-hour filibuster that started Tuesday and ended Wednesday. It aimed to put pressure on Republicans to adopt his controversial strategy for defunding Obamcare.

Most Senate Republicans, though, disagree with his push, which they say would increase the chances of a government shutdown that would be blamed on the GOP.

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