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Conservative group demands no money for Obamacare, 'no matter what'

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With the government moving toward a shutdown, a conservative political action committee is urging voters to contact their members of Congress to demand that they oppose all funding for Obamacare, “no matter what.”

The Senate Conservatives Fund said Monday that lawmakers should not settle for the one-year delay of Obamacare that the GOP-led House included in the continuing funding resolution that they passed over the weekend.

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“They should not trade funding for Obamacare for a partial delay OR even for the elimination of the congressional exemption,” SCF said. “They should oppose all taxpayer money for Obamacare. Period.”

The SCF has been one of the most vocal opponents of the Affordable Care Act and led a “Don’t Fund It!” campaign that called on lawmakers to stop Obamacare.

The effort, though, stalled out last week after Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah failed to get enough of their Republican colleagues to filibuster a Senate Democratic bill that would keep funding government funded and includes funding for Obamacare.

On Monday, SCF said voters should not buy the idea that lawmakers are serious about eliminating a subsidy that will help them cover the cost of the health insurance premiums that they purchase under Obamacare.

“Members of Congress will find a way to exempt themselves in the future,” SCF said. “If they have to raise their own pay to cover the extra cost of their Obamacare plans, they will do it. If they have to create a special doctor’s office inside the Capitol Building, they will do it.”

“As long as politicians are in control of the health care system, they will get a better deal than we do,” the group said.

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