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Joe Curl Archive: April 2008

  • White House Correspondents' Association dinner

    This year, just like many in the past, the hottest ticket in town was one to the Bloomberg party... Published April 28 2008

  • Down for the count

    Just after President Bush appeared last night on "Deal or No Deal," and just before Sen. Barack... Published April 22 2008

  • Think Pink

    \ \ Team McCain has a whole bunch of new gear available at its official store here. An e-mail jus... Published April 21 2008

  • Sour Salter

    Mark Salter, a top aide for Sen. John McCain, was not too happy with Michael Leahy's story Sunday... Published April 21 2008

  • 'Awesome speech!'

    \ \ \ \ \ \ After Pope Benedict XVI finished his speech on the White House South\ Lawn, President... Published April 17 2008

  • The pope in pictures

    \ Bill Sammon and Patrick Gavin get stoked for the pope's arrival.\ \ \ \ \ Right this way Your H... Published April 17 2008

  • The pope has landed!

    Update: Yes, the press corps DID mill about smartly for more than three hours on the Andrews Air... Published April 15 2008

  • Seriously …

    \ \ This is the line to go through the mags to get on the bus to go to\ Andrews AFB to see the Po... Published April 15 2008

  • Look! Up in the sky! It's the pope!

    Your loyal and humble blogster awoke at 5 a.m., waaaay before dawn, to prepare for the arrival of... Published April 15 2008

  • McCain: Triskaidekaphobic!

    Sen. John McCain is famously superstitious — he won't take a salt shaker from a passer's ha... Published April 11 2008

  • Newseum — snoozeum?

    April 9\ 8 a.m.\ \ \ \ \ \ \ OK, we're back from a secret weeklong trip to a secret location arme... Published April 9 2008