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Kralev on Diplomacy Archive: August 2008

  • (Not) flying with Miss Rice

    Just when reporters were finally interested in traveling with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice again, there was no space for them on her plane. Published August 14 2008

  • More Arctic diplomacy ahead

    Some may call it warming up the pan on the stove while the fish are still swimming freely in the sea. But the Bush administration thinks there is no time to waste in finding out what lies beneath the Arctic Ocean, so the United States can claim some of those natural resources, even though it doesn't have the legal right to make any such claims at this time. Published August 11 2008

  • Condi and Madeleine: Aspen, the sequel

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her only female predecessor, Madeleine K. Albright, were "sisters" again this weekend. Published August 3 2008

  • U.S. annoyed as countries refuse Gitmo inmates

    The Bush administration is having a hard time getting rid of foreign inmates at Guantanamo Bay. Published August 1 2008