Kralev on Diplomacy Archive: September 2008

  • 200 former diplomats endorse Obama

    In time for tonight's debate, more than 200 former ambassadors and other diplomats formally endorsed Sen. Barack Obama. Published September 26 2008

  • Yemen not ready to take Gitmo inmates

    There are about 100 Yemenis imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, but they are not likely to go home anytime soon. Published September 17 2008

  • Ambassador promotes alternative energy

    The U.S. ambassador to Sweden, Michael Wood, may have been appointed by a president considered a friend of the oil industry, but he has made alternative energy the focus on this tenure in Stockholm. Published September 15 2008

  • Getting ready for Palestinian state

    A final-status peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians has been reached, and someone has to run the new state. Are the Palestinians ready for that day? Published September 10 2008

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