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Lovey Land Archive: October 2008

  • More McGee, fewer T-shirts

    They are going to have to give away blindfolds along with T-shirts if the Wizards are this bad Published October 30 2008

  • Rays for rain

    Wouldn't it be ironic if the Tampa Bay Rays -- who played in the sensory-depravation tank but weather-proof dome known as Tropicana Field -- wind up coming back to win this World Series because of rain? Published October 28 2008

  • The 2005 NFL Draft

    Three years later, it seems like the Redskins hit the jackpot in 2005 Published October 27 2008

  • A rock-solid name

    Rocco Baldelli may be the first Rocco to play in a World Series Published October 22 2008

  • Rick Vaughn a winner

    Former Orioles and Redskins public relations director Rick Vaughn now a winner Published October 21 2008

  • Hopkins is amazing

    What Bernard Hopkins did Saturday night to Kelly Pavlik is truly amazing Published October 20 2008

  • The Express -- Ernie Davis

    At one time, Ernie Davis and John Mackey were Syracuse teammates dreaming about the NFL Published October 16 2008

  • Watch those Stairs

    A former Expos player is in the postseason spotlight Published October 14 2008

  • Cowboy blues

    Take heart -- you could be a Dallas Cowboys fan Published October 13 2008

  • Big times for big men

    The Wizards fortunes this season still rest with the success or failure of their two young big men. Published October 8 2008

  • A Scott Boras World Series

    It's Scott Boras' world, and we just live in it Published October 7 2008

  • Better than everyone thought

    The Redskins are not who we said they were Published October 6 2008