The Washington Times - December 6, 2011, 06:36PM

DALLAS — The Nationals met with a few more teams Tuesday in their search for a trade partner to acquire a center fielder and their long-documented interest in Tampa Bay’s B.J. Upton was brought to the forefront again. While Rizzo seemed positive about some of the various trade discussions he admitted that “I don’t think anything has changed on that front,” when asked about Upton.

“I don’t think much has changed when we’ve talked (about) that specific player,” he said. “I don’t like to talk about specifics, or hypotheticals but I don’t think anything has changed on that front. We have a comfort level of the player and we know what value we would give up for him. What goes into that equation is of course control of a player, what the player makes and what player you’re giving up to acquire them.”


The Nationals have been linked to B.J. Upton for some time and the teams have discussed him more than once. At the trade deadline the same discussion arose. Asked what could have changed between now and then, Rizzo said it was more about other factors than a team re-evaluating the way they value a player or players.

“What would be different from previous conversations over the last month would be if there was a change in our scenario or in their scenario,” he said. “Injuries sometimes can cause that. A breakout season from a prospect at a position — now it becomes a position of depth. Those are the type of things that kind of would change the landscape from the end of the season until now.

He added that many of the Nationals players were drawing plenty of interest with regard to what a team would possibly get back in a trade but the Nationals would prefer to deal from their prospect depth than with any of their core young major leaguers.