Nationals Watch Archive: December 2011

  • Balester reacts to being traded from the Nationals to the Tigers

    I just spoke with Collin Balester, the now former Nationals right-hander who's joined the bullpen of the Detroit Tigers. It's been a crazy afternoon for Balester, who's wife Ashley is expecting the couple's first child and is due today. He was out shopping for a Christmas tree and had left his phone at home when the trade went down. Ashley began receiving phone calls and texts asking about the news and that's when the two learned they'd be taking their soon-to-be-growing family to Detroit next summer, just 45 minutes north of Ashley's home town of Perrysburg, Ohio. Published December 9 2011

  • Nationals trade RHP Collin Balester to the Tigers in exchange for RHP Ryan Perry

    The Nationals made their first trade of the 2011 offseason on Friday evening, sending one of the organization's longest-tenured players, right-hander Collin Balester, to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for right-hander Ryan Perry, a former first-round pick. Published December 9 2011

  • Nationals announce spring training report dates

    The Nationals announced their spring training report dates Friday morning giving us an official countdown until it's time to descend on Viera, Fla. for six weeks. Pitchers and catchers report Feb. 19, 2012. Position players will follow on Feb. 23 and the first full workout will be held Feb Published December 9 2011

  • The 2011 winter meetings: that's a wrap

    For four days a year, the entire baseball world is in one place. Executives from all 30 teams are under one roof. A possible trade discussion doesn't have to take place via back-and-forth phone calls. It can happen at one table, in one hotel suite, in one hour if the fit is right. The same goes for meeting with agents and, occasionally, the players themselves. There's an urgency and a madness to the meetings -- one that's exacerbated by the hordes of media swarming the lobby and by the rumors that run rampant no matter how baseless they are. So what, then, to make of the Nationals relative inactivity at the meetings? Believe it or not, it shouldn't inspire the panic that it appears to have among many Nationals fans. Published December 8 2011

  • Nationals lose Komatsu, Meyers in Rule 5 draft

    The Nationals wrapped up the 2011 winter meetings by making an $84,000 profit at the Rule 5 draft Thursday morning. The Nationals did not select anyone in the major league portion of the Rule 5 draft but lost outfielder Erik Komatsu to St. Louis and left-hander Brad Meyers Published December 8 2011

  • Winter Meetings Day 4: Rule 5 draft

    The winter meetings are just about to wrap up from the Hilton Anatole hotel here in Dallas, the last act of the annual baseball meetings being the Rule 5 draft. Published December 8 2011

  • Source: Nationals sign outfielder Brett Carroll to minor league deal

    According to a source, the Nationals have agreed to terms with outfielder Brett Carroll on a minor league deal, with an invite to major league spring training. Published December 8 2011

  • Boras on Pudge Rodriguez and Rick Ankiel

    Scott Boras met the media here at the Hilton Anatole hotel for a few minutes tonight, his annual scrum that inspires a mass of media to swarm him as if he were a head of state. Published December 8 2011

  • Talking about the Nationals' confidence in Ian Desmond's leadoff abilities, the center field trade market and scouting Yoenis Cespedes

    Another reason the Nationals may not feel compelled to give up something substantial to fill their center field need is Ian Desmond's ability in the leadoff spot from the middle of August through the end of the season in 2011. What the Nationals have been searching for is a leadoff-hitting center fielder. What they have on their roster is a capable center fielder and a shortstop who can leadoff. Published December 7 2011

  • Plan B: Roy Oswalt, Gio Gonzalez and a few more of the Nationals options

    We have spoken to Oakland. Gio he fits what we're looking for. He's young, controllable, talented starting pitcher that's got a proven track record but with that said those guys come at a cost so we have to balance what the cost is and what the gain is to the club in the long term. Published December 7 2011

  • Buehrle agrees to terms with Miami Marlins, costing Nationals their top free agent choice

    The Nationals felt confident and "good about ourselves" with the offer they made to Mark Buehrle, Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said at roughly 3 p.m. CT. By 3:50 p.m.'s Ken Rosenthal was reporting that Buehrle had agreed with the Miami Marlins for four years and $58 million. Published December 7 2011

  • Winter Meetings: News, notes and rumors, Day 3

    Good morning from Day 3 of the 2011 winter meetings where Pujols-watch is still in full swing. According to reports, the "Mystery Team" that jumped into the bidding (and rumors) late Tuesday night is out. It's either going to be Cardinals or Marlins for Albert Pujols and the decision could hold up the rest of the free agent market. Published December 7 2011

  • Sizing up the Nationals bench options

    The Nationals front-line needs have been clear for some time. In case you haven't heard, they're interested in a starting pitcher and a center fielder. But where the majority of their offseason work truly sits is in assembling their bench. Published December 6 2011

  • As Nationals talk with "some potential fits" on the center field trade market, "not much has changed" when it comes to the Rays and B.J. Upton

    The Nationals met with a few more teams Tuesday in their search for a trade partner to acquire a center fielder and their long-documented interest in Tampa Bay’s B.J. Upton was brought to the forefront again. While Rizzo seemed positive about some of the various trade discussions he admitted that “I don’t think anything has changed on that front,” when asked about Upton. Published December 6 2011

  • Nationals among Buehrle's final five -- and GM Mike Rizzo's impressions after their meeting

    Free agent left-hander Mark Buehrle has whittled his options down to a final five teams and the Nationals are one of them, according to a source familiar with the decision making process. Published December 6 2011

  • A few thoughts on the Nationals center field situation

    The best route for acquiring what they're looking for is via a trade. That much is clear. But what they want is a rare commodity. If trading for a center fielder blows up another part of the team and creates more holes than it fills, they don't feel compelled to do it. Published December 6 2011

  • Winter Meetings: News, notes and rumors, Day 2

    Good morning from the winter meetings, Day 2, here at the Hilton Anatole. Published December 6 2011

  • Quick hits with Davey: Adam LaRoche, Chris Marrero, Mark DeRosa and more

    Throughout the week at the winter meetings, each major league manager will spend some time meeting with reporters. For Nationals manager Davey Johnson that time was at 5 p.m. (CT) today and he riffed on a number of topics. Published December 5 2011

  • Nationals manager Davey Johnson feels Bryce Harper's ready to compete for MLB team

    Nationals manager Davey Johnson said he's open to letting Bryce Harper compete for a major league job in spring training. Published December 5 2011

  • Quick hits from Mike Rizzo on Day 1 of winter meetings

    Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo wrapped up his session with reporters a little while ago and the indications -- both from his meeting with us and from talking with several Nationals executives and industry sources -- is that the Nationals aren't on the verge of anything major. Published December 5 2011

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