The Washington Times - July 9, 2011, 03:03PM

Jim Riggleman was supposed to be packing his bags this weekend and heading to Phoenix, Ariz., to serve as a coach on Bruce Bochy’s staff at the All-Star game. That opportunity ceased when Riggleman resigned his post as manager of the Nationals on June 23.

But Bochy, who is very good friends with Riggleman, and Giants general manager Brian Sabean have reached out to Riggleman with another opportunity, this one to possibly join the Giants’ organization.


The partnership is in the exploratory stages right now but Riggleman will fly to California after the All-Star break to meet with the Giants’ brass and discuss their options.

Riggleman’s agent, Burton Rocks, told the Washington Times that nothing is final. Right now it’s just “basically (Bochy and Sabean) being really, really, good people and reaching out to Jim.”

Bochy and Riggleman have been friends for a long time and Riggleman stated on several occasions this year how much respect and admiration he has for Bochy as a manager and a friend. Bochy served as the third base coach on the 1993 and 1994 Padres teams that Riggleman managed and took over for him in 1995 when Riggleman was let go. 

Riggleman has done some media work since leaving the Nationals, serving as a guest analyst for CSN Chicago during the Cubs-White Sox series the first weekend in July.

Riggleman could not immediately be reached for comment.