The Washington Times - June 23, 2011, 04:24PM

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman announced his resignation after today’s 1-0 walk-off victory over the Mariners.

Riggleman told Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo that he was upset about his unresolved contract situation and informed him before today’s game that he would “not get on the bus” to go to Chicago if it was not resolved. After the game, when nothing changed, Riggleman tendered his resignation.


“I spoke to Jim immediately after the game and he said nothing had changed,” Rizzo said. “I was very taken aback and surprised by it.”

“It’s disappointing to me, the timing of the decision. This is not thinking of the team first, thinking of personal goals and personal things first and that’s probably what disappoints me most.”

Riggleman had said publicly that he would like his option for the 2012 season picked up or an extension signed by Father’s Day and when that day came and went on Sunday there was no progress made toward that resolution. Rizzo said Thursday that they had discussed picking up the option but felt the time was not right to make such a decision. There was still too much to be determined over the trajectory of the team.

Riggleman’s resignation comes on the heels of an 8-1 homestand and with his team winners of 11 of their last 12 games.