The Washington Times - June 8, 2011, 02:41PM

SAN FRANCISCO — Dealing with back spasms that would keep him out of Wendesday’s series finale with the San Francisco Giants anyway, Jerry Hairston Jr. elected to drop the appeal of his one-game suspension — which would have been held Wednesday anyway — and serve it.

Hairston, who was suspended one game and fined for his ejection from the Nationals 2-1 victory over the Padres on May 27 and what MLB termed “his aggressive actions, which included making contact with umpire Ed Hickox.”

Hairston, who’s been the Nationals primary replacement for Ryan Zimmerman at third base, said that he felt it was best just to drop the appeal and put the suspension behind him on a day he wasn’t physically able to play anyway. 

“It just made sense,” said Nationals manager Jim Riggleman. “He’s got a one-game suspension and he’s not available to play today. I did not want him to appeal it and then they give him a day later when he is available. It only made sense to take the suspension on a day when he couldn’t play anyway.”

He’s hoping that with rest — and provided the flight to San Diego this evening doesn’t agitate it more — he’ll be able to play in the next day or two.